“Words”: The Operator unveils a synth-pop cover by FR David

The French duo, made up of singer Sophie Thibaud and producer Antoine Mounier, offers a sequel to “Danser”, their title released this summer on a compilation from the iconic label that hosts them, Italians Do It Better.

Since 2006, the mythical Italians Do It Better label founded by Johnny Jewel, musician and erudite producer (Glass Candy with Ida No, Desire with Megan Louise and former collaborator of Chromatics fire), clears the latest disco and no wave nuggets from the current scene.

Among them is the hexagonal duo The Operator, launched in 2019 by singer Sophie Thibaud and electro producer Antoine Mounier (crossed over at Teaspoon or under the alias Antoine Antoine Antoine).

After To dancea single released last August on After Dark 4a compilation featuring artists hosted by Italians Do It Better, The Operator loose wordsa cover of French pop figure FR David.

Source : BBN NEWS

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