With the “Live sessions” program, the house of Saint Laurent supports emerging music scenes

As part of the multicultural “Saint Laurent Rive Droite” project, the fashion house accompanies new musical waves. From the dreamy and vintage pop of Kids Return, through the hybrid and lit sounds of Ascendant Virgo, and the electropop of the KLON collective, a new wave of artists with multiple styles is emerging.

At the end of November, Adrien Rozé and Clément Savoye, duo composing the group Kids Return, sang the first notes of Lost In Los Angeles in front of a bed of Parisian rooftops, as part of the series live-sessions – musical program initiated in 2021 by Saint Laurent. The goal? Offer visibility to young musical talents through sessions revealed in digital.

A few weeks earlier, a completely different universe, just as niche, unfolded on the same stage: plaited hair forming surreal curves, thick heart-shaped earrings and candy pink colored eyelids, Mathilde Fernandez and her voice lyrical, transported the listener into dreamlike futuristic universes. Merging with DJ Paul Seul through Ascendant Vierge, she covered the duo’s flagship titles – such as Influencer.

Before them, KLON and their hallucinogenic pop tinged with melancholic notes, or even the Franco-Korean Spill Tab, followed one another in energetic lives recorded and produced by Saint Laurent. A way to extend and make visible the universes of each artist. Articulated to each other, the lives, five in number for 2022, illustrate the variety of nationalities and musical styles that hybridize in the heart of the capital.

Saint Laurent, at the heart of cultural life

The connection between the Parisian fashion house and creative people is not surprising: historically, Yves Saint Laurent has associated itself simultaneously with the art worlds and underground youth cultures. If the designer married, in his collections, codes of black jackets and tributes to French painters – from Picasso to Matisse -, it was while bathing in the cutting-edge creative scenes of the 1970s, think of Studio 54, the mythical new discotheque. yorker.

Anthony Vaccarello composes with the air of his time. In charge of artistic direction since 2016, he deploys a vision of fashion at the confluence of classical and popular arts and does not hesitate to transform the house into a creative crossroads, as evidenced by the project Saint Laurent Right Bank. Thought as a cultural destination, this program articulates exhibitions of design, photographs, paintings but also a library of rare books and exclusive objects. Recently, the house reissued the work Sex by Madonna, a cultural symbol of pro-sex pop politics, originally published in 1992.

By focusing on live performances, the house reaffirms and consolidates the history of the links between fashion and music. Musicians play a central role in the formation and dissemination of styles, not hesitating to play with gender shackles and norms, while fashion designers constantly support artists in the composition of their persona.

Saint Laurent at the Vaccarello tempo

Launched in 2019 and redesigned after the Covid-19, the offer live-sessions is eclectic, worthy of a peak festival. The premises can be guessed from 2016, the date of arrival of Anthony Vaccarello. To imagine the sound accompanying his first show, he teamed up with the French producer SebastiAn, to techno mixed with multiple experiments. Since then, he has been composing the music for fashion shows, having fun merging his universe with that of the new collections.

For the 10th edition closing the year 2022, Kids Return affirms its title of heir to the French touch, and delivers four luminous titles, combining rock dress codes from multiple decades. The indie scene is not dead, and Saint Laurent will soon unveil the rest of the story through the live sessions 2023 program.


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