With the Bible, flush out the logic of abuse

Thwarting abusive logics, biblical perspectives following the Ciase report

Gospel Notebooks n° 201, September 2022

Editions du Cerf, 74 p., €10

A year ago, the Ciase report revealed how abusers misappropriated and perverted the Holy Scriptures “for the benefit of perverse justifications”recalls the editorial board of the Gospel Notebooks. The biblical training journal, published by the Catholic Service Gospel and Life, exceptionally devotes a file to this subject by offering seven analyzes, accessible and in-depth, signed by biblical scholars, philosophers and theologians.

The objective is to equip the reader – by revealing to him the roots of the evil – in order to “thwart abusive logic” who twist and exploit the biblical text.

“The Snake Strategy”

Before attacking the body of their victims, the predators stun them by manipulating speech, starting with that of God. Father Paul Agneray and Béatrice Oiry, respectively biblical scholar of the diocese of Arras and of the Catho of Paris, decipher “The Snake Strategy” of the Garden of Eden which engenders “a messed up world” where the heart, the word and the action are no longer in coherence, where the rites are exploited, where deception makes any discernment impossible.

The story of King David provides another “systemic” textbook case. To cover her responsibility for adultery with Bathsheba and the murder of her husband, “It’s a whole group of people that David drags along in silence, lies and concealment”analyzes Sophie Ramond, of the Catho de Paris.

The sequence of events of the Passion of Christ, scrutinized by Christophe Pichon, of the Center Sèvres-Facultés Jesuits in Paris, gradually plunges the victim into silence. Moreover, “Lies and false accusation result in the bruised body. They affect the speech as well as the body of the victim..

“Abuse and damage the body of the other”

In his First Letter to the Corinthians, continues Christophe Raimbault, of the Catholic Church of Paris, Paul affirms that our “body is the place of relationship” to oneself, to others, to the world, to God. “To abuse and damage the body of another is to attack one’s own body and, in doing so, to Christ himself. »

“From cover to cover, the Bible is a gigantic exercise in discernment, emphasizes Philippe Lefebvre, Dominican. Do not believe just anything, do not take any word – including religious – at face value. »

Each of the analyzes in this precious issue of Notebooks has its luminous side: at each stage, the reader understands how God operates: He “saves us, and, in the same movement, reveals the nature and gravity of sin”.

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