with Emmaüs Connect, old company computers come back to life

On this afternoon at the end of November, the delivery did not go unnoticed at the Emmaüs Connect reception point, rue de la Banque, in the center of Paris: a box nearly two meters long by one meter high . Inside, no less than 150 laptops.

Donated by various companies in the region, they were tested and repackaged in an integration workshop in Val-de-Marne. “In a fortnight, these will be offered to refugees for around fifty euros”, explains Kaelig Guernigou, an employee of Emmaus Connect, who is busy emptying the huge box, alongside volunteers helping beneficiaries with their online procedures.

8 million French people not equipped

Specialized in the fight against digital exclusion, a factor of social exclusion, Emmaüs Connect launched a call for donations at the beginning of November. The operation is called It aims to recover in three months 10,000 unused equipment from companies, but also from communities. “The needs are immense. It is estimated that eight million French people deprive themselves of equipment due to a lack of resources,” says Camille Bardou, head of the collection project at the national level.

Without a computer or smartphone, how can you apply for an allowance or monitor the children’s schooling? Reported by social workers, the audiences followed by Emmaüs Connect are varied: students, seniors, job seekers, single-parent families, etc. In addition to benefiting from digital training, they will be able to buy the devices at a low price: up to €150 for the most powerful laptops, and no more than 100 € for smartphones.

Equipment is rarely given away. “First, because there are costs associated with collection and repackaging, which we don’t want to hide. And also by ethical choice: to sell rather than to give, it is to restore dignity to the beneficiaries”, advances Camille Bardou.

“Sleeping inventory”

To carry out this mission, it is necessary to have devices to offer. The company that manages the Leboncoin site is among those who answered the call, with 225 computers donated: “Previously, our IT stocks were sent for recycling, without sorting. However, a good part of the machines, although too old to be used in a professional setting, are still usable”, explains Rozenn Magadur, who works for the classifieds site.

It is these “dormant” stocks that Emmaus Connect seeks to mobilize. A way, by the way, to promote reuse, ecologically virtuous. The association regrets not being able to recover more smartphones to be refurbished, which many beneficiaries need. To comfort donors, it ensures the traceability of equipment: “We inform them of the association to which they have been transmitted, of the type of public who recovers them”, explains Camille Bardou.

Operation in 7 regions was born in 2020 in Hauts-de-France, where it has benefited from the support of companies such as Adeo Services (Leroy Merlin), Decathlon, etc. To date, it has equipped 8,000 people. For example, 400 students from the University of Lille benefited from it in 2021. This year, the operation has changed in dimension, since it is carried out in seven regions: Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Grand Est, Île-de-France, Centre-Val de Loire and Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, in addition to Hauts-de-France.

In each of them, Emmaüs Connect strives to set up a sector with local refurbishers, employing employees in integration or with disabilities. To convince companies and communities, the association specifies that it ensures the removal of devices, guarantees secure erasure of data, and even provides a tax receipt for devices that have not yet been fully depreciated. Interested organizations can offer their donation via the website

Source : BBN NEWS

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