Wife Swap’s Most Awkward Moments

In Season 6, Episode 12, we see two examples of parents putting their dreams before their children. Andrea and Robert Parker are loving their son Lil Chris’ rap career, and their four other kids have to help out, which puts all of their interests on the back burner. Meanwhile, Rob and Tracy Robinson are a couple who pursue their own love of monster hunting, which takes precedence over Rob’s son, Josh, who has no interest in cryptozoology. Both couples’ state of mind seems unbalanced and leads to some awkward moments.

Before every performance, Lil Chris gets what his mom calls a “Hollywood attitude” that can only be assuaged with candy. After swapped wife Mrs. Robinson brings him the sweets, Mr. Parker sits down with his sulky son and asks, “You want to be famous, right? in order to make him perform. It’s heartbreaking and disheartening to see what it’s like to see a parent putting fame on their child’s desires and feelings. This calls into question which part of this dream belongs to Chris and which part of his parents.

At the Robinsons’ house, his swap wife Andrea tries to convince Rob to put his son’s interests ahead of his own and asks him to sell some of his adult luxuries. Rob protests his rule changes with a childish tantrum, including yelling, yelling, pouting, and rushing into his room. Rob even admits to not having confidence in his son’s abilities. It comes back, but it’s still very squeaky to see.

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