Why Wonder Woman 1984 is actually a total mess

Imagine a film propelled by the stardom of Gal Gadot, the direction of Pedro Pascal, and the popularity of Chris Pine that doesn’t resonate with its audience. Sounds absurd, right? Yet this is the case for the franchise film Wonder Woman 1984. Despite the support of the DC Cinematic Universe and a beloved and talented cast of stars, Wonder Woman 1984 is actually a total mess.

The origin story of Diana Prince and her invincible fighting skills in wonder woman fueled audience expectations of a gripping storyline for its follow-up, which Wonder Woman 1984 was definitely missing. Writer and director Patty Jenkins’ overall execution was lackluster and full of plot holes, but there are tons of other movie mistakes that actually make Wonder Woman 1984 a total mess.


Wonder Woman 1984 Plot and Main Characters

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Wonder Woman 1984 features a storyline where Diana Prince battles rivals who have submitted to the Dreamstone’s lure, heroically saving the world in the process. The film begins with a sad and lonely Diana working as a curator of ancient artifacts, albeit with occasional superhero outings. The story progresses with the two main antagonists, Maxwell Lord and Barbara Minerva.

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Lord is played by Pedro Pascal as a wealth-hungry businessman who acquires the Dreamstone. Fan Favorite SNL alum Kristen Wiig plays Minerva, a character struggling with intense widespread insecurities with a strong desire to mirror Diana. The need for invincibility and success fuels the two villains who abuse the Dreamstone and consequently endanger the world. The ensuing battle is at the heart of Wonder Woman 1984.

Maxwell Lord has inconsistent motivation in Wonder Woman 1984

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Script errors, inconsistent character arcs, and plot holes are some of the issues plaguing Wonder Woman 1984. Of all the DCU movies, this one had the most confusing character motivations, leaving audiences wondering if any of their actions were justified. Imagine an antagonist with no clear reasoning behind his motivation for pandemonium – it was Maxwell Lord, a capitalist character who originally acquired the Dreamstone for wealth, and somehow turned his entire motivation to gain power into a jarring shift that has not been addressed.

The passion and folly of the Lord that took center stage and brought the world to the brink of collapse was not justifiable. Lord, who loved his child very much and would not want to hurt him, suddenly agrees to start a nuclear war between America and Russia? Also, why would he continue to grant his wishes despite the harm it does to his body? These questions contradict Maxwell Lord’s motives and point to an inconsistent execution of his script.

Of course, you could say that Lord was simply a convoluted character who gave in to the Dreamstone’s temptations and couldn’t control his actions like the rest of the world. But delving into this theory leaves ample room for speculation about the unfair reliance on practical scenarios. These inconsistencies also extend to Diana Prince’s character arc and storyline.

Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor Make No Sense in 1984

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A conversation between Bruce Wayne and Prince in batman versus superman directly contradicts Wonder Woman’s actions in this film. Prince said: “A hundred years ago I walked away from humanity, from a century of horrors. » The character of Prince in batman versus superman highlighted his decision to remain anonymous, but 30 years earlier in Wonder Woman 1984, his actions say otherwise. For example, her (extremely flattering) mall crusades in full Wonder Woman gear fighting off a few mall robbers in the film will leave you scratching your head.

Jenkins’ insertion of practical scenarios also extends to Steve Trevor (played by Chris Pine). Trevor, a First World War pilot, sacrificed his life in wonder woman and left a lonely prince, who apparently hasn’t had a relationship in the 60 years since meeting Trevor and spending a week with him. Nevertheless, Prince unwittingly wishes her back through the Dreamstone. Since the stone literally grants wishes, one would expect Trevor to be back in his own original form, right? No, Trevor’s consciousness is simply downloading into another living human.

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Where did this man go and what happened to his conscience? Why him? Had Diana had non-consensual relations with the man, if Trevor was occupying her body? You will not find answers to these questions in Wonder Woman 1984. Jenkins expects us to embrace this uncharted arc and believe in the script. In the same way, we are led to believe that Trevor, who is a World War I pilot, can simply fly a modern fighter jet that is fully fueled and parked in a museum. These inconsistencies make Wonder Woman 1984Submitting for the Oscars is a very questionable decision.

Wonder Woman 1984: All is wrong with the Dreamstone

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For those of you who are still wondering if Wonder Woman 1984 is actually a total mess, just look at the DreamStone, a powerful entity that took center stage in the film but was barely explored. Leaving the theater, countless fans took to Twitter and other social media to express common confusion over the limits and true power of the Dreamstone, which is a big part of why Wonder Woman 1984 tanked.

Was the Dreamstone evil or did it embody the personality of its wearer? Were there any conflicting wishes, and if so, how did he deal with them? Jenkins also expects us to accept the narrative that Lord can grant the wishes of the entire planet by hijacking satellites and speaking in a language that isn’t universal. What if one person wanted world peace and another wanted to bomb a country? Concerns about penalties or the consequences of conflicting wishes and their handling by the Dreamstone are also left unaddressed. Many questions like these circled the thoughts of the audience.

Moreover, his contradictions with Minerva’s wishes further exacerbated this feeling of confusion. Minerva initially wishes to become like Prince, which is granted, but her second wish to become an apex predator is also granted. This violates the fundamental rule of the Dreamstone, where each individual receives only one wish.

These gaping plot holes are not only prevalent in the Dreamstone’s presentation, but extend throughout the film as well. The fusion of practical scenarios, factual errors, unexplored entities and bizarre character motivations actually makes Wonder Woman 1984 a total mess, and probably the worst movie in the DCU. Fortunately, we still have wonder woman.

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