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Divya S. Iyer’s decision to bring her son to a private film festival for his speech on Sunday is a move that has sparked much controversy online. Iyer is a working woman and a high-ranking IAS officer. Critics like lyricist Rajeev Alunkar and other notable figures criticized her decision, questioned her dedication to work and deemed her unprofessional.

Iyer’s husband, KS Sabarinadhan, a former state legislator and chairman of Youth Wise was among the first to defend her and said that Iyer had taken their three and a half year old child with her because he was was an unofficial event held on a holiday. Social activist Dhanya Raman and writer Benyamin have lent their support to Iyer, a working woman, in the face of harsh criticism. They argued that she is entitled to her private moments and that she is entitled to spend time with her child despite holding public office. Raman argued that a child needs a mother to grow.

IAS agent from Kerala slammed: Is Iyer being slammed for being a working woman?

Sabarinadhan, Iyer’s husband and spokesperson in the situation, took to Facebook to reaffirm that Iyer is a dedicated professional who works diligently at her desk every day of the week. She chooses to spend time with her child on Sundays and avoids working that day.

When certain professional duties could not be avoided and Iyer was forced to choose between two roles, she decided to choose both to be a mother and a working woman. But why is she being criticized for owning who she is outside of her workspace when it doesn’t harm the quality of her work?

The allegations made by critics against Iyer convey sentiments expressing disgust at the mother’s choice at a work event. But why is a woman expected to stop being a mother when she works or a mother as if she had no career? Not all women want or have the help they need to raise a child. Moms who choose to spend enough time with their children and those who don’t shouldn’t have to deal with “mom guilt” or “work guilt” while considering multitasking.

Why does society question the dedication of a working woman?

We need to challenge the conversation around society’s need to classify individuals as one-dimensional and adhering to singular roles. Recently, Infosys HR was asked not to favor women with children, which made headlines. Such a practice is not only steeped in misogyny and discrimination, but reduces a woman’s value to merely being a caregiver. Men do not face similar discrimination for parental reasons during promotions or recruitment, as women are expected to be primary caregivers. These gender stereotypes and discriminatory practices not only unfairly burden women but also hinder their employment prospects in their careers.

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin has faced the brunt of the criticism after she was filmed partying with her friends. However, what she does outside of her office hours is private and should not be questioned unless the nature of her private life activities compromises her work.

“Being a working mother is extremely difficult because any parent, especially those who have to go to work early in the morning, cannot see their children for hours. It is not easy. No one wants to leave their child and go to work. I call my filming locations an “office” because I want Aaradhya to understand that I am a working, office-going mother. voiced Aishwariya Rai in her interview about being a working mom.

We shouldn’t be expected to neglect all the other roles we have in society and let one role take precedence over all other aspects of our lives. If one were to play judge and jury, Iyer is downright guilty of being a modern-day woman who refuses to be dominated by societal stereotypes. More power for her.

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