Why 90 Day Fiancé fans are dragging Mohamed’s new video

Mohamed Abdelhamed was not a fan favorite 90 day fiance season 9 cast member in 2022, and many fans are now trolling his new content. Many viewers believed that Mohamed was deported to Egypt after his separation from his eldest American wife, Yvette Arellano. While Mohamed is still in the United States, many 90 day fiance fans are unimpressed with its current content.

Mohamed and Yve had a 90 day fiance franchise relationship that has been riddled with red flags. Viewers overwhelmingly thought Mohamed was using Yve for a green card, as he made his intentions pretty clear. However, Yve chose to ignore everyone’s advice and married him anyway. Unsurprisingly, their marriage quickly caught fire, as their separation was revealed at the end of the 90 day fiance season 9 Tell-All. Reddit user u/femme_fatale2022 reposted an ad that Mohamed recently filmed that showed him in the United States as an advertisement for a photo printing company. Many viewers began trolling Mohamed for what they saw as a poorly made and often bizarre partnership video.

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90 Day Fiancé fans blast Mohamed’s lack of effort

While Mohamed, who said a lot of shady things, surprised many 90 day fiance fans by landing a commercial, viewers weren’t impressed with the low-effort video he shot. “Did you hear the part where it sounds like he took a sip of something?” ! LOL“wrote the original poster as other users noted Mohamed’s apparent lack of effort in creating the ad. Several commenters noted how the whole video seemed like a comedy skit. “So much gold. The monotonous voiceover. Multiple photos of himself. The fumbling of the telephone. No need to hummer. I like, wrote another Reddit user. Many fans also noted Mohamed’s repeated exclamations. ” Whispers Whaaaooowww ohhh mai gawwwwedddddd….. mimicked a third person.

90 Day Fiancé fans call out Mohamed’s odd behavior

Yve Arellano and Mohamed Abdelhamed from 90 Day Fiancé season 9

While many 90 day fiance Fans thought Mohamed’s video was a weak effort, they also found his behavior off-putting. His strange way of speaking slowly was always challenged by viewers, who were, once again, uncomfortable with Mohamed, unfaithful to Yve, in the video. ” Everything is so weird. why didn’t they edit how you can hear him breathing between each sentence“, noted the main commentator. Other Reddit users were also confused as to why Mohamed only ordered prints of himself in the video. ” When he sat by the fire like a five-year-old child opening his Christmas presents. Then the photos themselves were hilarious,noted another before wondering why Mohamed had no fingerprints from his family.

Although the video confirms that 90 day fiance Actor Mohamed is currently in the United States, fans have no idea which house he was filming in. Mohamed and Yve had a bad split after she found out he was talking to another woman and made it clear he was using her and planning to leave her. This led to the former couple being locked in a messy but private split that led to eviction rumors. Some 90 day fiance fans believe that Mohamed is now living with another American after breaking up with Yve.

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Source: u/femme_fatale2022/Reddit


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