Who will receive the Christmas bonus, paid from this Thursday?

Distributed every year since 1998, the traditional Christmas bonus is paid to beneficiaries from this Thursday, December 15.

► Who can benefit from the Christmas bonus?

The Christmas bonus concerns 2.3 million low-income households. Recipients of the active solidarity income (RSA) paid by the Family allowance fund (CAF) or the Mutualité sociale agricole (MSA).

Six categories of Pôle emploi beneficiaries are also concerned: those receiving the specific solidarity allowance (ASS), the specific training solidarity allowance (ASS-F), the pension-equivalent allowance (AER), public internship compensation (RPS), compensation for Pôle Emploi training (RFPE), and assistance in setting up and taking over a business (Acre-ASS).

People who have been receiving this aid for a short time are also affected. “To benefit from this exceptional aid, your right to benefit must be in progress for the month of November or December 2022, indicates the Public Service site. If you are a new beneficiary in December 2022, the premium will however be paid in January 2023.

► What is its amount?

The amount of the Christmas bonus varies according to the beneficiary’s family situation. It thus amounts to €152.45 for a single person without children, €274.41 for a couple with one child and can go up to €457.35 for a single parent with 5 children. Unlike most other allowances, and despite the surge in inflation, the bonus has not been increased this year.

For beneficiaries of aid paid by Pôle emploi, the aid is however set at €152.45 regardless of the composition of the household.

► How to get it?

No steps need to be taken with the Family Allowance Fund, the Mutualité sociale agricole or the Pôle Emploi. Payments are automatic and will be made to bank accounts in the coming days.

Like the inflation bonus or energy vouchers, the bonus is not taxable.


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