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what weapons does France supply?

Radars, anti-aircraft systems and missiles, guns. Guest of the new France 2 program “L’Événement”, Wednesday October 12, Emmanuel Macron unrolled the list of weapons that France is preparing to deliver to Ukraine, for ” to protect against attacks » Russians, especially from the sky. Earlier this week, Russia launched a major air offensive across Ukraine.

Eighteen Caesar Guns

However, this is not the first time that France has prepared to deliver arms to Ukrainian forces. Since the start of the Russian invasion on February 24, the government has indeed supplied several types of weapons to kyiv. Among them, eighteen Caesar guns, of French manufacture, in service since the end of the 2000s and already exported to several countries, including Saudi Arabia, Belgium and Denmark. These 155 mm long guns are mounted on trucks, which gives them great mobility. Their range extends from 4.5 km to 42 km.

Milan missiles

France also provided one of the Milan anti-tank missiles, ground-to-ground weapons prized for their precision and power. Equipped with semi-automatic guidance, the Milan can be mounted on a vehicle or fired by troops on foot. The French government also delivered about fifteen TRF towed guns, the model preceding that of the Caesar guns.

Among the weapons soon to be delivered, France should once again send additional Caesar guns. It should be six new copies, taken from an order that was intended for Denmark. France should also deliver 20 Bastion armored vehicles.

Added to this is the creation of a special fund of 100 million euros so that kyiv can “purchase directly from our industrialists the materials it needs most to support its war effort”, according to the president’s announcement on October 7th.

2% of foreign arms deliveries

France has, however, been criticized for the limits of its contribution to the Ukrainian war effort. According to a recent analysis mentioned by the BBC, French arms deliveries represent less than 2% of arms delivered to Ukraine, far behind the United States (49%), Poland (22%) and Germany (9%). In a column published last month in The worldPierre Haroche, specialist in European security, urged France to “ send about fifty armored vehicles to Ukraine.

During his interview on France 2, Wednesday evening, the Head of State affirmed that he could not “deliver as much as, sometimes, Ukrainians would like. When President Zelensky asks to massively deliver certain devices, I am obliged to keep some for ourselves to protect ourselves “.

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