Wet Leg offers a French version of “Chaise Longue” (and it’s very funny)

Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers try their hand at the language of Molière on the tube which revealed them in 2021 and which now appears on their first disc, released last April. The album will be released in deluxe version with bonus tracks on November 11th.

Always more fun. Isle of Wight phenomenon declines Lounge Chair, a rowdy hit with its apathetic and haunting chorus, in French version. Without polishing the language of Molière, Rhian Teasdale keeps an ounce of British accent to sing “And you, over there, on the deck chair, in your tracksuit, what are you doing sitting down? You should be horizontal. On the deck chair, on the deck chair, on the deck chair, kill time”. Enough to make the tube that revealed them in June 2021 even more charismatic and leave us with a smile on our faces.

In a statement, Wet Leg says: “After borrowing the words Lounge Chair to the French language for our personal use, we thought it was fair to redress the balance and record a version of the title in French”. To top it off, the duo will release their excellent first album, released last April, in a limited version with three unreleased tracks on November 11.

Wet Leg will be in concert on November 9 at the Élysée Montmartre in Paris.


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