We were there: Mansfield.TYA at the Olympia, grand finale

The unstoppable duo formed by Rebeka Warrior and Carla Pallone offered themselves a final concert on November 1st in an Olympia full to bursting, ready to vibrate one last time with the ghosts and dark secrets of Mansfield.TYA.

There are a thousand and one ways to say goodbye. And, basically, none will be satisfactory. Sadly, someone or something will always be missing. What if we had done otherwise? Sincere, generous and without artifice, Rebeka Warrior and Carla Pallone closed the Mansfield.TYA chapter in their own way, in a crowded Olympia, on a November 1 evening symbolic for death, with a single watchword: party at die of it.

By squinting, the smartest already perceived the sketch of the end because, for two decades, Rebeka Warrior has been skimming the projects. Alongside Mitch Silver, she pilots Sexy Sushi, founded in 2001, while she goes solo from 2016 to ensure her own DJ sets before joining forces with Vitalic, an emblematic figure of the French electro scene, to launch Kompromat in 2019.

Twenty years ago, in 2002, Julia Lanoë (her real name) met Carla Pallone to form Mansfield.TYA, a female duo with an angelic voice that pierces the dark sky with a certain audacity, that of melting the roots of genres. Between funereal violin and bizarre techno, the group from Nantes refines, over time, its alloy of steel and softness. Hearts pounding under adrenaline, we expected a lot from this last concert. We said to ourselves, as long as it burns.

An Olympia in communion

After a good warm-up during a first part provided by the prodigious Cate Hortl, Rebeka and Carla arrive under the low and heavy rumble of shouts and applause. Of Neither dead nor known at Auf Wiedersehen Passing by Blue Lagoon Where The Acqua Fresca, the duo connects the titles cut for the clubs on which the public warps and takes up the words in chorus. By slaloming through his five albums, Mansfield.TYA also grants himself a few placid parentheses with The Scent of Vultures, Little Italy or a repeat of At Forest, the Gothic manifesto of the Cures. Then comes the time for the guests, namely the famous Bérurier Noir, the kind of punks with revolvers who still smoke, and the guys from Odezenne, for a bad taste dance which continues to fan the flames.

A false ending gradually creeps throughout the evening. Accompanied by a violinist and a cellist, Rebeka and Carla return for an unprecedented acoustic set over which the string/voice quartet picks out five pieces from their five albums. In an Olympia metamorphosed into intimate communion, with enough shivers going up the spine, Mansfield.TYA begins to say goodbye. However, we will not leave each other without celebrating one last time. It’s promised, sworn, spit. Red roses split the air, between the stage and the crowd.

Ready to do battle, Rebeka Warrior and Carla Pallone crack the machines, dark as night. The lightning illuminates the faces and assures us that Mansfield.TYA is now one of the icons, of these essential inventive people who mark their era with a hot iron. Mass has been said.


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