Watch a Bizarre Taco Bell Commercial Directed by Sean Baker

You might remember Sean Baker from his 2015 comedy-drama Mandarin, a riveting exploration of transgender sex workers, famously filmed using iPhone 5S smartphones. Two years later, Baker maintains his status as an independent filmmaker with The Florida Project, a brilliant coming-of-age drama featuring a “slice-of-life” story of a six-year-old girl’s summer days. Baker has received consistent accolades for his contributions to film, such as a Filmmaker on Edge Award and six Independent Spirit Award nominations. However, the world of cinema is not the only outlet in which this creator shows his vision, as he has also created commercials for food chains such as Taco Bell.

The manager recently teamed up with Taco Bell to produce a creative marketing tactic to mark the return of a menu favorite, nacho fries. The result is a two-minute ad titled Fry again, written and edited to equate the look of a big-budget action blockbuster with sci-fi elements. The ad shows a young woman meeting her friend for lunch together, heading to the chain’s restaurant in her yellow car. Once they arrive, the two buy the popular nacho fries, with one saying, “I wish you could still have nacho fries.” The first girl then shares how she can do it despite the article’s limited time because she’s “stuck in this infinite time loop” and takes the opportunity to eat the nacho fries.

We then cut to an evil nacho fries keeper who eavesdrops on the girls’ conversation and is shocked by what he hears, stating that this person is “violating the limited nacho fries timeline”. Following in the footsteps of all the great villains, this character suddenly teleports to the Taco Bell parking lot, shouting, “Say goodbye to Friday.” A typical comedic moment ensues, with the girl’s friend asking if this guy appears every day, to which she replies, “No, he’s new.” The girls speed into their car, beginning a cliched chase sequence. It has all the makings for a gripping but not overly revealing action movie trailer.

The commercial was produced as part of a partnership between Taco Bell and Deutsch LA, the New York-based advertising company. “This campaign is a great example of how a simple shift in power dynamics between fans and brands can drive unprecedented results,” says Lincoln Lopes, the company’s creative director (via little black book). “This idea was born out of the belief that brands, regardless of size, need to be nimble enough to keep culture rolling at the same speed. »

Fry is a twist in Baker’s previous choice of visuals and style, moving away from its solemn and melancholy indie vibe that strays from Hollywood spectacle. Some fans even joked that this Taco Bell commercial had the highest budget of anything the filmmaker had worked with. This experimentation with directing commercials after working on films echoes the previous careers of filmmakers, such as David Fincher, who rose to prominence directing commercials for successful companies such as Nike and Chanel before directing the anti-commercialism film. fight club.

Watch Baker’s leap from moody indie films to cliché-driven commercials below.

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