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War in Ukraine: where did the Russians fleeing the mobilization go?

It was September 21. His mired special operation, Vladimir Putin, clenched jaw and icy gaze, records his speech announcing a partial mobilization to, he says, “ensure the protection of the liberated populations”. Faced with the Russian army, Ukrainian troops have been making impressive progress in their counter-offensive for several weeks.

Immediately, images arrive by the thousands on social networks. Endless lines of vehicles rush towards Georgia or Kazakshtan. Requests for one-way tickets to Turkey are booming. Forbes Russia puts the figure at 700,000 Russians in exile in just two weeks.

We exchanged with one of them, Volodya. A web developer from St. Petersburg, who participated in a few political campaigns for opposition candidates. His epic can be found in our video.



Jean-Francois Cope

The chronicle of Cécile Maisonneuve

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron on February 8, 2022 in Berlin.Cécile Maisonneuve is the founder of DECYSIVE and advisor to the Energy Climate Center of Ifri

Robin Rivaton’s Chronicle

US President Joe Biden in Washington on October 5, 2022Robin Rivaton


A start of "new popular front"predicts Jean-Luc Mélenchon: thousands of people took part on Sunday, October 16 in Paris in a "march against high cost of living and climate inaction" organized by the united left in Nupes.By Gérald Bronner, sociologist and professor at the Sorbonne University

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