Voldemort’s 10 biggest mistakes in Harry Potter

Voldemort is such an iconic character that even an audience that has never seen Harry Potter know his name. One Who Must Not Be Named is the powerful dark wizard who torments Harry throughout the franchise with the ultimate goal of killing him and achieving ultimate power. As a terrifying wizard, Voldemort could easily acquire followers and intimidate those who opposed him. However, he still made mistakes.

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Few opposed Voldemort on his first rise to power let alone upon his return, but that doesn’t mean he was unbeatable. The Dark Wizard had several weaknesses that the Golden Trio and other Hogwarts students were able to use against him. Some of these weaknesses were due to Voldemort’s mistakes and ultimately led to his defeat.

10/10 Voldemort waited too long

After attempting to murder Harry as a baby, Voldemort was left without a physical form and was severely weakened. Voldemort was forced to flee to Albania to avoid anyone trying to hunt him down and had to own animals to maintain physical fitness.

Voldemort was supposed to be stuck like this until he met Quirrell and possessed him 10 years later. Surely, even in his weakened state, Voldemort had the wherewithal to return before a decade had passed. He should have chosen to gain power before Harry got to Hogwarts. Once Harry attended Hogwarts, he had the wherewithal to learn magic and wasn’t as easy to defeat. However, since Voldemort had waited so long, Harry was a skilled enough wizard to bring him down.

9/10 Using Professor Quirrell backfired

One of Voldemort’s biggest mistakes was using Professor Quirrell when he tried to regain power. Quirrell worked for Voldemort, but he was eventually possessed by the dark wizard. This led to Quirrell developing Voldemort’s face on the back of his head.

Picking Quirrell was a huge mistake, especially since Quirrell wasn’t very confident and often tripped over himself. It was the only reason Snape was beginning to suspect that Quirrell was up to something. Also, to hide Voldemort’s face, Quirrell had to wear a turban that was beginning to smell and attract attention. If Voldemort had chosen someone else, he might have reached the Philosopher’s Stone.

8/10 Tom Riddle chose to close the Chamber of Secrets

Voldemort was the heir to Slytherin and while still called Tom Riddle, he opened the Chamber of Secrets. With the Chamber open, Riddle was able to free the Basilisk. The huge snake had deadly eyes and sharp, poisonous fangs, and it killed Myrtle Warren.

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With Myrtle’s death, it was suggested that Hogwarts be closed, but Tom didn’t want to leave the school. So, instead of using this powerful creature to grab the power he craved, Tom decided to shut down the Chamber so the school wouldn’t close. He could have risen to power then and avoided years of struggle, but he was too afraid of Hogwarts closing.

7/10 Voldemort treated the Malfoys badly

The Malfoy family have been around for centuries and have been able to amass a vast amount of wealth and power. As such, the Malfoys have got their hands on almost everything and are quite despicable people, even Draco. If something goes wrong, the Malfoys quickly wash their hands of the situation.

When Voldemort came to power, the Malfoys sided with him. However, as soon as he fell, the Malfoys said they had been bewitched to follow him. The Malfoys had a difficult relationship with Voldemort upon his return and eventually betrayed him. If Voldemort hadn’t treated them so badly, he could have kept his loyal followers and used the status and power of the Malfoys.

6/10 Too much emphasis was given to a snake

Voldemort split his soul into seven Horcruxes: his diary, the emaciated ring, the Hufflepuff cup, the locket, the diadem, Nagini, and even Harry Potter, although that was by accident. However, all of the Horcruxes Voldemort deliberately created had some kind of meaning to him, including his serpent Nagini.

Making Nagini a Horcrux was one of Voldemort’s biggest mistakes. Nagini was always around Voldemort, so it was obvious that she would contain a part of his soul. She was the easiest Horcrux to locate. Moreover, Nagini was a mortal creature. Had she aged and died naturally, the piece of Voldemort’s soul would have been destroyed without outside influence.

5/10 Voldemort underestimated house-elves

Due to his arrogance, Voldemort considered himself better and more powerful than his fellow witches and wizards. As such, he and many others in the wizarding world despised house-elves. Many magical families used house-elves as slaves.

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Two house-elves contributed to Voldemort’s end, namely Dobby and Kreacher. Dobby has helped Harry on several occasions, especially after he was accidentally freed. Kreacher helped recover Salazar Slytherin’s locket, a Horcrux, due to Voldemort’s cruel treatment. Voldemort has underestimated house-elves many times throughout. Harry Potter.

4/10 Rogue played his role well

Voldemort had a small group of very dedicated followers he could trust. This group included people like Peter Pettigrew, Bellatrix Lestrange and Severus Snape. While Pettigrew and Lestrange were staunch supporters, Snape had other motives.

Voldemort thought Snape was his “inside man”, but Snape was working as a double agent for Dumbledore. Immense trust was placed in Snape, but Voldemort crossed Snape by killing Lily Potter. Snape never forgot this huge tragedy, and it turns out he was on the good side.

3/10 Sometimes it’s better to let others help

One of Voldemort’s worst ideas was that he wanted to fight Harry himself. He had several followers who would have gladly killed Harry for Voldemort, but he continued to insist that he was the one to kill Harry. It was a huge mistake.

Voldemort tried to kill baby Harry by himself, and it almost destroyed him. When he got up, Voldemort confronted Harry and since their wands were “brothers and sisters”, Voldemort couldn’t kill him. In the final battle of Deathly Hallows: Part 2Voldemort lost to Harry because Harry was the true owner of the Elder Wand.

2/10 Voldemort always looked for a magical solution

Voldemort is perhaps the most magic-dependent wizard in the world. Harry Potter universe. He used magic for everything, as he tried to separate himself from the muggle world as much as possible, but this total addiction led to his demise.

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Voldemort used magic to try to kill a child, which could have been done with physical violence. If he had killed Harry without magic, Harry would have died, because the spell would never have rebounded. He used Horcruxes to stave off death but ended up dying decades before the average wizard. Magic is a useful tool, but it’s not always the answer.

1/10 Voldemort’s arrogance was his downfall

Perhaps Voldemort’s biggest mistake was thinking he was invincible. He was extremely arrogant and believed himself to be superior to everyone around him. Since he was a child in the orphanage, Voldemort thought he was better than everyone. This feeling continued to grow like him.

Voldemort was the heir to Slytherin and was apparently born with great power. Because of this, he underestimated everyone around him, even the most capable magic users at Hogwarts. He never thought anyone would betray or harm him, and that directly led to his death.

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