Vincent Delerm, twenty years of shared happiness

Fanny Ardant, when she hesitates in front of an open microphone, takes caressing inflections of her familiar and sensual tone. like a story, the course of twenty years of song by Vincent Delerm, can then begin. The artist, to celebrate this anniversary, did not want to make a best of but allows himself nostalgia by savoring the present. “It’s such a chance to do this job that you always have to ask yourself how to celebrate it, what you can invent, and what story you’re going to tell. »

With its original form, this eighth album is unlike any of the previous seven and yet it contains them all. It splits into two discs. One, “without words”, allows Delerm to interpret 20 of his most famous titles on the piano, giving them with delicacy the smoothness of a harmonious reverie. The other writes a story in songs “like a story”, made up of a collage of very personal sound bites.

“I listened to all my archives again and brought together the scattered things that I had collected. It’s not classified with me, there are cases of engraved CDs where sometimes there is only one date. You can discover a really good beach there. » Thus, the microphone test of Fanny Ardant found by surprise delights Vincent Delerm, admirer and friend of the actress since her beginnings.

“I am not angry with many people”

Archives, memories, small treasures heaped together served as a common thread to build his treasure box. He opens it with “L’Attrape-coeurs”, a vibrant and sensitive new song. Then, putting his loved ones at the heart of the story of twenty years of shared happiness, he draws a group portrait in one hour and fourteen minutes, the maximum possible listening time on a CD. There are so many of them close to his heart!

“I keep things, but I also keep people. I’m not angry with many people”, he slips smiling. For Jeanne Cherhal, with whom he made his debut on the stage of L’Européen (Paris), in 2002, he wrote another new title, “With Jeanne”, dazzling with nostalgia. All the other tracks on the album are archives mixing cinema and pop.

Jean-Louis Trintignant wrote him a delicious word, Vincent Delerm is delighted to publish it in the book that accompanies the two discs, in tribute to the great actor who died. “It’s a relief to bring out this letter, so I won’t be afraid of losing it at all”confides this (slightly) compulsive hoarder, traumatized by the memory of what Philippe, his father, has lost: “a letter from Aragon!” “.

Étienne Daho on backing vocals

The thunderous laughter of Jean Rochefort, whose final images he shot for his film I don’t know if it’s everyone, shortly before his death in 2017, echoes the amazement of Alain Souchon learning that he held doors without knowing it to a Vincent Delerm then intern. Together, they will sing “Love on the run” to evoke Truffaut. “I like to be heard with others. To be able to say while singing: I am like that, and you? » emphasizes the artist, who sprinkles his album with very pop duets.

It was while listening to Dominique A that he decided to embrace the profession of singer-songwriter, and he honors it in a title that resembles him, “Bergen Strasse”, and sings with him. “The Courbevoie Apartment”. The British Neil Hannon, from The Divine Comedy, invited him to share scenes, they will be “The Booklovers”. Peter von Poehl joins him on “Sunday Nights We Walk”. With Albin de la Simone, he jokes about “The Italians are unhappy”, and Étienne Daho does not hesitate to do the backing vocals… for the song “Daho”.

With family

Telescoping of extracts from films, television or radio programs, voices known as that of the resistance fighter Marceline Loridan-Ivens or unknown, Vincent Delerm’s map of tenderness is also written with his family. He expresses his gratitude to his parents, the writers Philippe and Martine Delerm in the song “Un jour parfait”. His companion, Virginie, sings on several titles, and we hear, in a familiar setting, the joyful voices of their two boys.

“What is life around the life of a singer? » asked Vincent Delerm as he began his record. He wanted to find “all flesh” of these linked lives, “everything that evolves, everything that matters”. The intimate and unifying group portrait that he draws over his 30 sound fragments brings a serenely charming answer to this question.

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