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Untold Stories (2022): Movie Reviews

Directed by: Cesc Gay.
Performers: Anna Castillo, José Coronado, Javier Rey, Chino Darín.

With a screenplay by Cesc Gay (“Sentimental”) and Tomàs Aragay (“Truman”).


Five stories take place in the city of Barcelona:

Laura (Anna Castillo) is in love with her neighbor, Álex (Chino Darín).
When they are chatting quietly together at home, their partner, Raúl (Javier Rey), unexpectedly appears. Laura decides to hide Álex.

Luis (Alex Brendemühl), still regretting being abandoned by his ex-wife, visits old friends Carlos (Antonio de la Torre) and Ana (María León), who encourage him to go out with Sandra (Eva Reyes), a theater actress he meets in a cafeteria.

Three friends, Carol (Alexandra Jiménez), Blanca (Maribel Verdú) and Ángela (Nora Navas), meet during a casting.

Andrés (José Coronado), a mature writer, meets his young companion, Bárbara (Alejandra Onieva) for lunch.

Edu (Quim Gutiérrez), partner of Sofía (Verónica Echegui), with one child and expecting another, feels remorse for having been unfaithful.
He considers telling her.


Film of episodes around couples in difficulty and with a cast full of familiar faces.

The main key offered by these episodes is insecurity, not to mention paranoia with a love triangle, irregular age, emotional cowardice…

Of course, a lot of “verbal” reports.

stories-not-telling-critical-criticalReality merges with desire, others lie more than they talk, and lies disguised as sincerity, malicious gossip and hypocrisy abound, including a surprise flirtation and a meal with house wine that not quite well.

The dialogues are simple, like a colleague, and the entanglements of the situation raised are not very funny (the most successful is that of José Coronado), resolving in an ambiguous, fuzzy way… to make you think.

There are feelings of guilt, concealment, doubts, what should I tell him? Should I tell him or not? Give me advice…

It’s light, as agile as it is inconsistent and too anecdotal.

Tokens in Aloha Picky

king javier
Antonio de la Tour
Maria Leon
Jose Coronado
Javier Room
Maribel Verdu
Quim Gutierrez
Veronique Echegui

Source : BBN NEWS

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