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United Kingdom, chaos among the Conservatives

But where did the British phlegm go? Looking at the images of a nightmarish day and evening on Wednesday October 19 in Westminster, one wonders. “It was a carnage”dropped the day before Kirsty Buchanan, former media advisor to Liz Truss when she was Minister of Justice. “I’ve never seen anything like it. Chaos in total confusion. »

Opposition barrage

Wednesday began with the traditional questions to the Prime Minister. They promised to be stormy, and they were. Minister Liz Truss was making her return to MPs after an already chaotic previous week.

As expected, the session began with a barrage of opposition fire. The leader of the Labor Party, Keir Starmer, a lawyer by profession, experienced in pleadings, pounded her on the reversals and the inconsistency of his policy which leads to weakening the United Kingdom. Liz Truss replied with this formula: “I’m a fighter, not someone who gives up. »

In barely a month at the helm of the British ship, the Prime Minister has already had to dismiss her finance minister, completely review her economic policy after unleashing a storm on the financial markets and weakening the pound sterling. The new finance minister, Jeremy Hunt, who came to the rescue, took over the helm by taking the opposite view of his program.

The descent into hell was not over for Liz Truss: at the end of the day on Wednesday, her interior minister resigned, claiming to have made a mistake by sending an email from her private address. But Suella Braverman has sent a scathing letter in which she accuses Liz Truss of not respecting her electoral promises.

Vote on hydraulic fractionation

The parliamentary day was to end with a vote on the hydraulic fractionation that the Prime Minister wants to authorize contrary to the environmental commitments made by the previous government. The vote gave rise to mind-blowing scenes of Tory MPs being bullied by other members of their party, attempts to intimidate them into passing the law in the corridors of Parliament, as Labor MPs looked on in amazement. Cries, invectives. Previously, the Prime Minister had warned that members of her party who did not vote for the law could expect “proportionate disciplinary measures”.

Labor MP Chris Bryant exclaimed: “We are not the Italian Parliament! All this is happening because there is total chaos within the government and it will last…” Chris Byant reports that a Tory MP literally cried on his shoulder. “They are desperate about the situation”comments the Labor Party.

A BBC journalist who followed this epic evening reports the unkind words of a senior Tory MP, whose analysis, he says, left him speechless. What Liz Truss did is “unforgivable”, “terrible” and “appalling”says this deputy… “How can she act like a little dictator without a mandate? »

Ministers about to let go of Liz Truss

The British press went wild this Thursday, October 20: according to the DailyMail, Tory MPs discuss strategies to get rid of Liz Truss as soon as possible. the Daily Telegraph affirms for his part that ministers of his government would be on the point of letting go.

Liz Truss is cornered. Faced with a wall that seems increasingly insurmountable, three solutions seem to emerge: either she resigns on her own; either the party forces her to leave, believing that enough is enough; or finally, she persists, but with what authority after this disastrous day for her party which emerges totally torn between several factions?

These fractures do not date from today but they are accentuated. The Tories are on the verge of implosion. Today, all the scenarios are on the table.

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