unions warn government

While the government must unveil before December 15 its arbitrations on the pension reform, the unions wanted to warn: they are, like the vast majority of the population, firmly opposed to any extension of the legal retirement age as well as to any increase in the contribution period”they communicated Monday evening, December 5, after a meeting at Les Lilas (Seine-Saint-Denis).

“The gradual increase in the retirement age from 62 to 65 by 2031 is what will bring the system back to equilibrium within ten years”, justified Friday, December 2, Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne in a interview at Parisianspecifying that the reform will apply “from summer 2023” for “the generation born in the second half of 1961”.

“The pay-as-you-go system is not in danger, including for the younger generations. The government is exploiting the financial situation of the pension system and wrongly asserting that raising the legal retirement age is an imperative,” point out, unanimously, the unions.

“Alternatives, including financial ones, exist”

“Alternatives, including financial ones, exist to improve the end of careers and the amounts of pensions while reducing inequalities affecting women in particular”, add the organizations which, during the consultation sessions at the Ministry of Labor, notably put forward the proposals of the Demographic Transitions, Economic Transitions (TDTE) chair, carried by the economist Jean-Hervé Lorenzi.

It estimates in particular that incentive measures in favor of the employment of seniors would be able to increase the employment rate of the over 55s by 10 points, thus generating 2 points of additional GDP, i.e. 50 billion euros in economic spin-offs and savings of 35 billion euros for the pension system, i.e. the dreaded deficit in 2032.

The government, for its part, considers that the various measures aimed at making ” more just “ the pension system will have an additional cost that will have to be compensated by age measures.

“The government wants to get us out before the holidays”

The unions have agreed to meet again “the same day of government announcements” to define a “date of unit mobilization with strikes and demonstrations in January if the government remained propped up on its project”. But no question, for the moment, of mobilizing widely.

While a social movement is already threatening the SNCF, the unions refuse to block the country during the Christmas holidays, which would inevitably be unpopular. “The project will be presented to the National Assembly in January, we explain on the side of the CFDT. Until then, there is no point in launching a social movement, except to play into the hands of the government. »

“The government wants us out before the holidays to turn public opinion in its favour, confirms Patricia Drevon, confederal secretary of Force Ouvrière. We will not fall into this trap. »


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