Tragic details about Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey has made shocking allegations against her sister, Alison Carey. In 2002 she told the Guardian she couldn’t speak legally about her older sister, but added: “Let’s just say there’s a lot of things that made me become the manager and I stayed in that. role. »

In her 2020 memoir, however, Mariah claimed that Alison mutilated and drugged her (via the Independent). “When I was 12,” the singer wrote, “my sister drugged me with Valium, offered me a little fingernail full of cocaine, gave me third degree burns and tried to kill me. sell to a pimp”. She alleged that Alison deliberately put her in dangerous situations, exposing the girl to her boyfriend, John, who allegedly tried to assault her. “Dysfunctional families are ideal prey for abusers, exposed little ones vulnerable to kidnapping,” Mariah explained. Additionally, she claimed her brother, Morgan Carey, was abusive and nearly killed their mother, per The Sun, and the two also allegedly concocted a plan to extort $5,000 from the star.

Speaking to The Sun, Alison vehemently denied her sister’s claims; she refuted Mariah’s recollection of her throwing hot tea at her, claiming she had dropped the drink by accident. Following the allegations, Alison filed a $1.25 million lawsuit against Mariah in 2021, as reported by Rolling Stone. The following year, his brother followed suit, although a judge denied the majority of his claims, according to Forbes.

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