TrackMyWatt, a site to track electricity consumption in real time

After CovidTracker and ViteMaDose, the engineer Guillaume Rozier, launched, Thursday, October 6, a new website called TrackMyWatt. In a context of debates on energy sobriety, the 26-year-old engineer has developed a tool to easily compare electricity consumption in France to previous years, based on self-service data from the electricity network operator RTE .

An initiative destined to grow

Thanks to data processing, over the period from October 1 to 5, 2022, the engineer shows, for example, that energy consumption in France is up by 9.1% compared to the average for the same period on the previous three years.

TrackMyWatt appears the day after the announcement of the government’s battle plan intended to reduce energy consumption by 10% in two years compared to 2019. Its contribution remains limited for the moment. The RTE site called “Eco2mix” already provides data in real time, with the addition of production by energy source.

“TrackMyWatt is under construction, new features are coming soon in the field of energy consumption and production”, however, specifies the engineer on the site. Guillaume Rozier, who started working on the pandemic in March 2020, while finishing his engineering studies at Telecom Nancy, received the National Order of Merit in May 2021 for his work on QuickMyDose and CovidTracker.

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