three questions about the controversial provision withdrawn by the government

► What did the Prime Minister announce about unemployment insurance?

Elisabeth Borne announced on Tuesday January 3 the withdrawal of the controversial part of the decree on unemployment insurance announced on December 23, which consisted in reducing the duration of unemployment benefit by 40% in the event that unemployment drops below the bar. 6%. This provision had made the unions and the parliamentary oppositions jump, because it had not been mentioned during the consultation carried out on this file.

“I hear that this point may not have been discussed enough, declared the Prime Minister on France Info, so we’re going to take it down” of the decree which will come into force on February 1.

► What does the decree of February 1 contain in the end?

Apart from the withdrawn passage, the decree as a whole is maintained, in particular the principle according to which the rules evolve according to the situation of the labor market. As announced at the end of November 2022, the draft text still provides for a 25% reduction in the duration of compensation when unemployment drops below 9%. This concerns all job seekers in mainland France who open up unemployment rights from February 1, 2023, with the exception of intermittent workers, and more broadly in overseas territories.

This decree “is not a surprise”, continued Elisabeth Borne. “The Minister of Labor has been consulting with employers’ organizations and trade unions for months.. »

► What are the union reactions?

It is difficult to speak of satisfaction on the part of union officials, who see in this announcement “a simple tactical withdrawal”, in the words of Denis Gravouil, at the CGT. Tactical, “because we are not currently at 6% unemployment”, which makes the provision de facto inoperative, he explains.

And then, “this part of the decree had a high probability of being challenged by the Council of State insofar as it had not been agreed. » For FO, Michel Beaugas does not claim victory either in the face of what he considers to be a ” optical illusion “.

All the unions have already announced that they will attack the decree as soon as it is officially published. “We remain opposed to the 25% reduction in the duration of compensation when unemployment is less than 9%”, reaffirms Denis Gravouil. “It is a measure that will hit hard and that will concern all people entitled to unemployment, whatever their age and situation, including the oldest and long-term unemployed, already dreads Michel Beaugas. In addition, this new text will be added to the previous reform which has already led to a reduction of 16%, on average, in the level of compensation. »

In the end, it’s ” back off to better blow up “denounces Michel Beaugas: “It’s just a postponement. The government will return to the charge on the occasion of the next unemployment insurance reform scheduled for the end of 2023. The framework letter that it will send to the social partners at the start of the school year will contain this proposal. By seeking to introduce additional degression from now on, the government has clearly indicated its objective, and will give itself the means to achieve it when the time comes. »

Source : BBN NEWS

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