three French voices, a great team

The project was called “dinguerie”. This was the title of a WhatsApp message sent in 2020 by Fabien Marsaud, alias Grand Corps Malade, to Gaël Faye and Ben Mazué to offer them to make a record. Two years and a few adventures later, the result bears the well-chosen name ofShort-lived. With seven very personal songs and a logbook written by Frédéric Perrot and illustrated by Charlotte Mo, it takes on the cheerful tone of a “buddies record”enriched by a fine reflection on the tumult of our lives.

The three artists bring him their sensitivity, their lyricism and their schoolboy spirit. “Six days to make songs, not one more day”, it was their challenge. They got together to write and record together Short-lived in April 2022 at La Fabrique studio in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence (Bouches-du-Rhône). From their first discussion came their first song: We took the time details the vertigo of ordinary daily life. “I remember this appointment / The promise of a break of respite / Rest for my spirit / Like a bubble in the middle of the noise / In the middle of the fury. » All three are in their forties, fathers, overflowing with activity. Collectively, they dream: “And there, in the middle of the world, for life to answer (…). And there in the middle of the world, lengthen the seconds. »

At the Victoires de la Musique, a decisive shock

Their writings are fluid, their voices mingle with their very characteristic stamps. Between talking and singing, their music punctuates its melodies. One comes from slam, the other from rap, the third from song, but their aspirations join those of everyone, they sing it in cut the road. “I like to be alone, go fishing / Even if I don’t fish, go fresh” entrust one, when the other wants “Seeing with happiness how children dance elsewhere”and the third dream of “the light of dawn on the water, sailing from island to islet”.

The unity of this great team was forged over shared scenes, it crystallized at the Victoires de la Musique. On February 12, 2021, ladies (Grand Corps Malade), paradises (Ben Mazue) and naughty monday (Gaël Faye), nominated for the “Best album of the year”, lost to Grand Prize by Benjamin Biolay. They made a joke out of it, Who kidnapped Benjamin Biolay? on which the person concerned, without resentment, plays his own role in an unleashed atmosphere.

At the heart of the album, this parody of film noir with improvised sound effects finds the expected “crazyness”. It serves as a transition to three songs illuminating the future. The cause discusses the need to commit in words, deeds and songs. It raises the issue of the contradictory injunctions issued to artists. ” To give his opinion “ on the major issues of the world or keep it to yourself? “I was told let those who know speak, don’t invent a utility. »

The trio creates in conclusion a splendid song, nostalgic and quivering: Short-lived concludes the disc by opening the horizon. “There will be nothing left of our books, of our rhymes, of our lines, of our furtive and fragile lives / We are going into the abyss, into the void / But, who knows, we will leave, even a tiny one, a beam in the night, hope the three poets in this luminous final bouquet.

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