Théodora Smal: “Clara Luciani is the human as I imagine her, in the noble sense”

[Clara Luciani rédactrice en chef] The singer is surrounded by a group of friends, sisters of heart or blood. She met Théodora Smal in her thrift store in Metz.

When Clara Luciani arrives in her thrift store in Metz, in 2019, Théodora recognizes her immediately. “I know who you are”, she blurts out to avoid confusion. Before specifying to the singer, who came to present Sainte-Victoire at the traditional mirabelle plum festival in the messin region, that it will be treated like all of its customers.

At Moules Fripes, which she founded in 2015, Théodora enthusiastically advises and photographs clients who find their happiness in “shop of [ses] dreams”. On the phone, she describes vintage clothes from the 1950s to the 1980s, jewellery, art and fashion books or corners to enjoy a coffee.

“We had a real crush”

Follower of second-hand clothes since her adolescence, the Messina, who sometimes hunted as far as London, chained contracts in the clothing trade until she was sick of the overproduction, polluting and oppressive system. Her thrift store contains only second-hand pieces, which she collects from individuals, in other shops and on the Vinted application, where she often exchanges suggestions with Clara, who is now one of her best friends. “We had a real crush. We love museums, second-hand clothes and antique accounts on Instagram!”, says Theodora, who also points out that Clara never buys what she doesn’t need: “She is simple and she has taste. She is the human as I imagine her, in the noble sense.”


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