The Way of Water was a box office flop that came out years ago

Avatar: The Way of the Water dominates the box office, earning $53 million on its opening day in the US alone, but Edie Falco, who plays GDR commander General Frances Ardmore in the sci-fi epic, says she thought the film had previously premiered to far less success and little fanfare.

Appearing on View while promoting the way of the water, Falco told host Whoopi Goldberg that she filmed her scenes for the Avatar sequel nearly four years ago. expecting to hear some sort of reaction to her performance but receiving only radio silence, the actress blamed it on a box office flop.

“This next, the second Avatar it comes out, I shot, I think, four years ago. Then I got busy, did some stuff and someone mentioned Avatar. I thought, “Oh, I guess it went out and didn’t work very well,” because I didn’t hear anything! So I thought, ‘It happens, you know?’ »

It wasn’t until someone mentioned the imminent premiere of The way of the water by the way, Falco says she realized the 192-minute blockbuster hadn’t been released yet, adding:

“Then someone said recently, ‘Oh, Avatar spell !’ [And I go] ‘He hasn’t come out yet?’ »

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Why it took Falco so long to hear about it The way of the water

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No one could blame Falco for thinking Avatar: The Way of the Water had fizzled in theaters – the film, which comes nearly 15 years after its predecessor, began filming in 2017 and has had its release date pushed back several times.

Add a global pandemic to the mix, and The way of the water didn’t hit theaters until December 2022, a far cry from the sequel’s initial announcement in 2010 in a bid to ride the wave of success from the first film.

Lucky for Avatar fans, there will be a much shorter wait for the following sequels—Avatar 3 is set to hit theaters on December 20, 2024. Although there are two more films in development, Avatar 3 Box office performance will determine if we ever return to Pandora for Avatar 4 or Avatar 5. Regardless (and perhaps hopefully), tentative release dates have been set for December 18, 2026 and December 22, 2028, respectively.

As for Falco, it is unclear how General Ardmore will play into the plot of Avatar 3, but the actress joked that her big mouth probably wouldn’t hear much about the sequels either.

” They do not do [tell me anything]and now I’ll never work again because I said that, but…” she laughed.

Avatar: The Way of the Water is in theaters now. Watch Falco’s full interview on View under:


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