the voice of what fades away

Camus and Casarès, Apollinaire and Lou, Sand and Musset… The intimate space created by correspondence is so special. ” Magical “, even says Annabelle Perrin, who reappropriated the epistolary form for the creation of “La Disparition”. Founded by François de Monès and herself, it is a letter sent fortnightly on beautiful paper. Combining reporting and investigation, it recounts an ongoing disappearance in our world.

From now on, it’s also a podcast, to listen to every week in “A Nova day rises”, the morning of Radio Nova, where Annabelle Perrin propagates her sweet voice for four minutes. The journalist addresses it, in the first person, to a different recipient each time. A personality, an object, an image…

From erasure of common sense to school bullying

The only condition: to highlight what is disappearing in society. Thus, through the story of Damien Tabard, bus driver from the town of Billanges (Haute-Vienne), Annabelle Perrin raises the question of the erasure of common sense. Isn’t being fired for dropping off children outside their homes to save them from crossing a dark and dangerous road a punishment for “good disobedience”?

The time of an episode, Annabelle “Drop his journalist cap” to illuminate in a sometimes cynical way subjects that are little discussed. “The letter is a gateway to dealing with subjects that are not usually of interest”, she insists. Combining politics and philosophy, “La Disparition” nevertheless manages not to fall into defeatism. An exercise in style as surprising as it is instructive. This Monday, January 16, the podcast will deal with school bullying.


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