The View’s Whoopi Goldberg arrests newbie Alyssa Farah Griffin and forbids her to speak during tense live TV moment

WHOOPI Goldberg shut down Alyssa Farah Griffin in a tense moment during Monday’s episode of The View.

The show’s newcomer has sparked controversy among fans as she strives to earn the respect of the longtime hosting panel.


Alyssa tried to refute WhoopiCredit: ABC
Whoopi stopped her on live tv


Whoopi stopped her on live tvCredit: ABC

But on Monday’s episode, Alyssa, 33, was quickly shut down by her eldest co-star Whoopi, 66, in a tense conversation about Republican political candidates.

The moderator addressed the former White House communications director, who identifies as a conservative, saying, “You’ve never been here before.

“What tends to happen when your guys come over is they don’t come over to talk to us, a lot of times they come over to sell a book,” she explained of Republican visitors to The View.

“They don’t come just to talk to us. This is what I want from all of you,” she added.

Finally, Alyssa chimed in to ask, “Can I share a quick thing? to which Whoopi snapped, “No, you can’t.” »

The audience and the young politico all laughed in embarrassment at the comedian’s blatant closure.


In early September, Alyssa joined the cast of The View as a new panel member.

Since then, fans have shared mixed reviews of his placement.


Late last month, the brunette was caught making a shocking comment about Sunny Hostin’s teenage son on live TV.

The hosts were discussing the hot topic of platonic coed teen sleepovers.

Whoopi Goldberg started the conversation by saying, “There are a few thoughts on this, but I ask a lot of you, where are you at? »

“It’s a bottle-spinning episode waiting,” Sunny Hostin replied.

Sara Haines added: “It just seems a little too ripe with opportunities. »

After most of the women agreed that a co-ed sleepover would be a bad idea, Joy replied, “There’s a lot of denial with moms and dads these days. They think their kids aren’t having sex and they are. »

Sunny quickly replied, “Mine are not. »

Joy continued, “So go with the schedule…” before giving Sunny a skeptical look and waving her off.

Alyssa chuckled and replied to Sunny, “I saw pictures of your son. »

She didn’t elaborate on what the uncomfortable comment meant, as Whoopi interrupted her and threw her at a commercial break.

Sunny was seen laughing with Joy, almost oblivious to Alyssa’s comment.

Sunny’s son, Gabe, is 19 and attends Harvard University.


Alyssa’s bizarre comment came after View fans accused Sunny of suing her over the ratings.

Sunny recently took a swipe at Alyssa while talking about former President Donald Trump while discussing the devastation of Hurricane Ian in Florida.

She said her administration failed to immediately take care of the people of Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria.

Alyssa was the former White House communications director during the Trump administration.

The new addition spoke up and said, “That’s not true. We have welcomed Governor Cuomo to the White House several times in the Trump administration. »

Sunny tried to interrupt her when she spoke, then smiled after her statement.

“Well, we did it during COVID. It’s just a fact,” Alyssa said.

Sunny kept talking about Alyssa and arguing with her, and then the other co-hosts also chimed in.

After several hits on Alyssa, The View fans said Sunny was only doing it for the ratings.

Alyssa joined the cast in September


Alyssa joined the cast in SeptemberCredit: ABC
She recently made a weird comment about Sunny's son


She recently made a weird comment about Sunny’s son
The attorney was accused of suing Alyssa for


Lawyer was accused of suing Alyssa over ‘notes’

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