the tribunal in the salon of the French

“Filming justice”: this is a project that Éric Dupond-Moretti has carried out since his appointment as Keeper of the Seals in the summer of 2020. “I am for justice to be fully filmed and broadcast from now on. The publicity of the debates is a democratic guarantee”, affirmed then (1) the former lawyer who wished that, through television, justice could “entering the salon of the French”.

In the end, it was France 3 which accepted the specifications from the chancellery to create a new documentary series on the “everyday justice explained to the French”. The first episode, broadcast Wednesday, October 19 in the second part of the evening, focuses on two cases examined in correctional by the Court of Appeal of Aix-en-Provence.

An ordinary audience deciphered

Two cases of traffic offenses of different natures. The first concerns a paramedic, having seen his license suspended for drunk driving, and having the unfortunate tendency to insult his companions or the police. In the second case, the court is looking into a dramatic case: the death of a motorcycle passenger in an accident that occurred just after a repair was carried out by a motorway repairman, obviously totally incompetent. Each time, the defendants appear with their faces blurred.

In accordance with the Minister’s wishes, no “show justice”. It is an ordinary audience that is deciphered here with a very clear desire to do pedagogy. The judicial columnist, Dominique Verdeilhan, well known to viewers of France 2, analyzes the different moments of the hearing with a magistrate and a lawyer on set, in particular asked to explain certain somewhat technical terms. The tone is sometimes a little academic but the program reflects the reality of this justice often so little known to the French. Released on November 2, the second issue of Justice in France will focus on divorce cases examined by a family court judge.

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