The Tragic Real-Life Story of Dave Bautista

Although he prides himself on being in incredible physical shape, Dave Bautista has not been immune to the injuries that many professional wrestlers are prone to. Bautista told ‘Squad Goals’ that the worst injuries he suffered were a broken back and a torn triceps. According to his biography, “Batista Unleashed,” his first triceps tear occurred in 2003 and kept him out of the ring for almost seven months. Bautista suffered the same injury again in 2006 and in 2008 he suffered a torn hamstring.

In a 2010 article, Bleacher Report named Bautista one of the most injury-prone wrestlers in recent WWE history, along with wrestling heavyweights Triple H, Rey Mysterio Jr., Randy Orton, and Edge. Following the hamstring tear, Bautista was scheduled to rest for six to eight months, but returned to WWE after just four months, just in time to secure another World Championship title. Another bicep injury sidelined him again the next day.

Ironically, Bautista also suffered an injury not in the wrestling ring, but on a film set. While filming a fight scene for the movie “Spectre”, actor Daniel Craig accidentally broke Batista’s nose. Of the incident, Craig told IndieWire: “I punched him and punched him in the nose. I heard that crack and I was like ‘Oh my god no’ and I ran away. I thought he was going to sue me, but he was so charming. »

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