The TF1 group wants to create a “civic” momentum around “good gestures” for the planet

From this Monday, October 3, 2022, Évelyne Dhéliat’s weather report on TF1, watched by an average of 3.5 million viewers, will offer a simple gesture every day to reduce energy consumption, and thereby its impact on the environment. . “As twenty years ago, we are going to encourage good gestures. Lowering the temperature of your heating by one degree means, for example, 7% savings! », specified the presenter of the weather, during the presentation of the roadmap for the climate of the group on September 27.

An “orange” or even “red” signal from Ecowatt, a ““Smart bison” of electricity consumption” in France, will also appear in the event of a risk of saturation of the electricity network. “If it’s cold, we risk having power cuts, unless we collectively do the right things to avoid it”, emphasizes Xavier Piechaczyk, CEO of RTE (Electricity transmission network), which has entered into a partnership with the TF1 group to set up ” special operations “ sensitization if necessary in the “JT” of 20 hours.

“Civic Operation” and “dystopian” subjects

On the occasion of the 27th UN climate conference, which will take place from November 6 to 18, Thierry Thuillier, the group’s information director, is planning a large “civic operation” in favor of eco-gestures, with collective calls to turn off lights or certain devices. New formats will also be launched. “Augmented Earth” will allow you to project yourself into the France of 2030 using immersive animations, in order to “visualize the issues”. “CQFD” (Those who make tomorrow) will show the “positive impacts” of action.

To implement this climate roadmap, the TF1 group drew on the results of a study commissioned from the SocioVision Institute (Ipsos group). Carried out among a representative sample of a thousand French people aged 18 to 75 from July 26 to August 2, the survey highlights an awakening of awareness about climate change, reveals the obstacles that prevent them from moving to the action or their expectations vis-à-vis the media.

The need for collective exemplarity

If 87% of those questioned are aware of living a “real climate crisis”, which creates growing anxiety for 74% of them (including 88% of 18-24 year olds), only 64% (against 79% of the youngest) now think “having to change their way of life”.

Two-thirds (76%) of them feel “already doing a lot to protect the environment”. And two major obstacles limit their taking action: 62% invoke the fact that “very few people around (of them) have adopted an eco-responsible lifestyle, and 60% believe that living in an ecological way is too costly financially”. A smaller majority (55%) did not “don’t want to give up the pleasures of life” or judge (50%) that there are too few alternatives where they live.

Topics deemed useful by 85% of French people

In terms of the environment, the media influence them (24%) much less than scientists (38%), relatives (29%) or NGOs (26%), but eight out of ten (80%), all generations confused, feel the need to be “knowledgeable about the environment”. However, only half (52%, including 31% of 18-24 year olds) are satisfied with the share that the media currently devote to the subject.

To be informed about these issues on television, the people questioned prefer short formats (50%) of decryption (video clips, mini-reports, etc.) and contributions from scientists (43%). And the tone “pedagogue, explanatory, educational” (at 63%) seems to them the most appropriate.

A committee of “environment” experts

The strengthening of the TF1 group’s editorial coverage of the climate, identified by the new “Our Planet” logo and measured by a barometer, will also rely on a committee of ten experts invited to speak on set or to help journalists prepare their subjects.

For the channel, whose audience is aging, the ecological issue is a way of reaching the youngest. A video on TikTok by journalist Garance Pardigon evoking “what consumes the most at home” has been viewed over a million times…

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