The special meaning of Helen Mirren’s tattoo

Helen Mirren spilled the tea on the special meaning of her tattoo during her commencement speech at Tulane University in 2017 (via CNBC). “I know, it’s hard to believe, Dame Helen Mirren has a tattoo,” she told the students. “I got tattoos when only the Hells Angels, sailors and convicted felons got them. »

Mirren shared that in the early 1970s she was looking for spiritual meaning all over the world. “East, west and everywhere,” she says. Mirren finally found the answer she was looking for at the southern tip of North America. The actor was inspired by the ancient Maya civilization, which controlled the region of Mesoamerica for more than 3,000 years, per History on the Net. Mirren then gained insight into the Mayan affirmation “to La’kesh”, so much so that she had the ancient symbol tattooed on her left hand. “In La’Kesh means” You are my other self. We are a. I am another you,’” she explained.

According to SanDiego.gov, Chicano playwright Luis Valdes expanded on its meaning in his poem “Pensamiento Serpentino.” The English translation says, “You are my other me. If I hurt you. I hurt myself. If I love you and respect you. I love myself and respect myself. »

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