The reform of unemployment insurance before the Assembly

Busy week for the Minister of Labor, Olivier Dussopt. In addition to the beginning, this week, of the consultations on the pension reform, indeed begins this Monday, October 3 in the evening the debate on the reform of unemployment insurance in the National Assembly. With the rules governing the system expiring on October 31, it is a question of authorizing the government to act by decree. But not just to extend existing rules.

Because, even if the previous reform – which entered into force only last December –“has not yet been able to produce all its effects”, as Renaissance MP Marc Ferracci, rapporteur for the bill, recognizes, the government “may have to change certain rules relating to the unemployment insurance scheme”.

The executive pleads for a “countercyclical” system, protecting the unemployed in times of crisis, but forcing them more strongly to find a job in times of upturn. This is the case at the moment, where companies are struggling to recruit despite a large number of unemployed.

“Countercyclicality, we don’t want it”

Before the Assembly’s Social Affairs Committee, Olivier Dussopt, however, said he was not very favorable to a modulation of the allowances. He announced that he will consult with the social partners “over the duration of membership” – the time of employment necessary to open rights to unemployment – ​​and on “the duration of compensation”.

United against the reform, the unions point out that the recruitment difficulties are not linked to the unemployed who prefer to be compensated rather than work. Indeed, one out of two is not compensated.

“Countercyclicality, we don’t want it not. It’s a trap, warned on Sunday in the JDD the general secretary of the CFDT, Laurent Berger. As long as we have not understood that the problem of unemployment is above all linked to a lack of training for 30% of vacant jobs, attractiveness and mobility, housing and childcare, we will take that fall off the mark. »

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