the National Assembly votes a tax credit for all residents of Ehpad

The National Assembly voted Thursday, October 13 in favor of a tax credit for the remainder payable by all residents of nursing homes, a measure valued at 675 million euros and adopted to the chagrin of the government during the examination of the 2023 budget at first reading.

The device, supported by 148 votes against 137, would make it possible to reduce the costs of nursing homes by around €200 per month, according to the socialist Christine Pirès-Beaune at the origin of the proposal. The executive, which is preparing to use the constitutional weapon of 49-3 in the absence of an absolute majority in the Assembly, however has the option of not retaining this amendment in the final version of this finance bill. .

The discussion dragged on on this still sensitive debate of dependency care, with a series of amendments from all the opposition benches but also from some left-wing macronists.

Difference in treatment between Ehpad and home care

Christine Pirès-Beaune and environmentalist Christine Arrighi have called for replacing an existing tax reduction for Ehpad fees with a tax credit so that it benefits the most modest non-taxable people and can be paid in the form of check.

These deputies underlined the average monthly cost of reception in Ehpad of €1,850 and the difference in treatment between Ehpad and home care, for which dependent people benefit from a tax credit.

The LR Marc le Fur abounded in this sense: in the age group of residents of Ehpad, “most of the people staying there don’t pay tax” and cannot obtain a tax reduction. RN Jean-Philippe Tanguy provided support on behalf of “equal burdens and rights before the tax” between Ehpad and home support.

losing streak

This is ” too expensive “, “We have to find other solutions”, replied the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire, who also fears that nursing homes will increase their price thanks to this tax credit. The government pleaded in vain for a “another way”a “more ambitious old age policy” rather than just an amendment.

“Our policy is to keep as many elderly people as possible at home”added the general rapporteur of the budget Jean-René Cazeneuve (Renaissance).

In the absence of an absolute majority, the government has suffered a series of defeats in recent days. And he could activate 49-3, to pass the text without a vote, at the start of next week.

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