The Inrocks Festival returns on December 13 and 14 at the Boule Noire!

The 34th edition of the Inrocks Festival is taking shape with the announcement of two new carte blanche for an (already) unforgettable double evening.

Get ready: the festivities concocted by Les Inrocks Festival are fast approaching. After inviting you to the Élysée Montmartre on December 18 to celebrate Ride’s only French date and to La Bourse de Commerce on December 15 with the iconic Martin Rev and bar italia, Les Inrocks Festival will take over the Boule Noire on December 13 and 14 by giving two original carte blanche: on December 13, the essential London label Speedy Wunderground, led by producer Dan Carey, invites The Lounge Society, Joyeria and Heartworms. On December 14, the singer Sofie Royer brings together the zinzins of Moodoïd, the marvelous Milena Leblanc and the DJ Zombie-Chang.

Carte blanche to the Speedy Wunderground label: The Lounge Society, Joyeria and Heartworms

With an expert ear and a formidable flair, Dan Carey has established himself as one of the leading producers of the past two decades. From London, this ferocious and ultra prolific musician, a fan of live music, concocts records of current rock gems such as Wet Leg, Fontaines DC, Goat Girl, Geese or even Squid and black midi.

At Speedy Wunderground, the label he founded in 2013, only one golden rule: canning albums in a record time of 24 hours. Franz Ferdinand, Foals, Kae Tempest and Caroline Polachek have passed through Dan Carey’s stable, which will bring together three of these new foals, namely the brats of The Lounge Society, the ramshackle Canadian Joyeria and the burning heiress of the post- punk Heartworms on December 13 at the Boule Noire for the Inrocks festival.

The Lounge Society

Revealed by the haunting and rowdy Burn The Heather, the quartet from Yorkshire is one of the most exciting sensations across the Channel. Their first record Tired of Libertyreleased this summer, has only confirmed the trend: the lightning memories of punk, the stormy riffs and the nonchalant pranks endorse the promises made from the EP Silk For The Starving in 2020 and will wreak havoc.


Last recruit of the Speedy Wunderground nursery, the Canadian songwriter appears as a solitary rider with a mysterious discretion, the kind to smolder the flame of a crazy soul. With FIMhis first EP released in October, Joyeria brings together the riffs of ninetiesinfluenced by Pavement or David Berman, with a spoken word of steel who seizes every opportunity to be delirious.


With a single single on the counter, the tenebrous Consist Dedication, the singer from south London begins a chilling tale, combining post-punk and gothic. Somewhere between Kraftwerk and PJ Harvey, Heartworms gets rid of all nostalgia to dig its own furrow, armed with sharp guitars and strange synths.

You can already book your tickets at this address.

Carte blanche to Sofie Royer: Sofie Royer, Moodoïd, Milena Leblanc and Zombie-Chang

Trained in the violin by the conservatory, which she quickly left, Sofie Royer has retained her love of classical music and her capacity for work, which today make her one of the most fascinating artists of her generation. Music, classical dance, theater and painting, nothing is impossible for her and she manages to transcribe in her albums this insatiable curiosity and the desire to mix genres and let them feed on each other.

Grimée on his latest album, Harlequin, as a protection as much as a game, she signs nine simple and singular pop songs, irresistible and rich in inspiration, from Todd Rundgren to Steely Dan via Gainsbourg. On December 14 at the Boule Noire, for her carte blanche, she brings together three artists who, like her, enjoy not respecting any box: Moodoïd, Milena Leblanc and Zombie-Chang.


After two remarkable albums, Pablo Padovani, thinking head of Moodoïd, proposed PrimaDonnaan EP composed of five female collaborations, which he inaugurated with Ideal, a duet with Juliette Armanet. With this project released last year, the artist confirms his desire to surround himself with female artists, as was already the case for his first album. The Möö World who had already seduced with a glittery and psychedelic pop.

Milena LeBlanc

Polyglot, Milena Leblanc sings alternately in French, Chinese or English but always with lightness and casualness. We had heard it on Rejjie Snow’s album, notably on Rainbows Where My loveas well as a duet with Lewis OfMan on Lots of kisses. After Who is here ?a clip directed by Farrah Dionnet in which she questioned the duality of love by playing two characters, she returns this year with a new single, George.

Zombie Chang

Inspired by punk and French pop, Meirin, a young Japanese woman who hides behind the Zombie-Chang project, has made the explosion of codes a creative principle: she starts from this culture to better distance herself from it and create a way alternative to mainstream Japanese music. After small small smallalbum released in 2018 mixes pop and electro, and TAKE ME AWAY FROM TOKYOreleased in 2020, she returns with an acid electro sound on STRESS of STRESSon which she shares a title, Do not worrywith Agar-Agar.

You can already book your tickets at this address.


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