the generalized standby of Internet boxes by operators

Telecom operators will generalize the systems for putting their subscribers’ boxes on standby when they are not in use, as part of the electricity saving efforts requested by the government, the minister responsible for digital said on Monday morning October 10. , Jean-Noel Barrot.

“There are boxes, decoders, which automatically go to sleep, but all this is not entirely uniform”, explained the Minister on European 1.

“The commitments made by the sector, it is either for the existing boxes already installed to make an update which allows this standby mode in a slightly more systematic way, or, for the new boxes which will be distributed (…)that this sleep mode is installed by default”, he indicated.

“A standby generated by default”

Some speakers on social networks interpreted Jean-Noël Barrot’s remarks as the announcement of systems allowing operators to cut off their subscribers’ Internet access to save electricity.

This interpretation was challenged by the minister’s office. “It’s not about shutting down the internet at nightthe ministry said. We encourage the generalization, for operators or equipment manufacturers, of the hibernation parameter for boxes. »

“It’s about having a standby, generated by default, either after a certain period of inactivity, or when the box no longer detects any device connected in Wirelesssaid the same source. This setting also allows the box to reactivate as soon as it again detects a device connected to it. »

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