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The Fourth Passenger (2022): Movie Reviews

Address: Alex de la Iglesia.
Performers: Alberto San Juan, Blanca Suárez, Ernesto Alterio, Rubén Cortada.

With a screenplay by Álex de la Iglesia (“El Bar”) and Jorge Guerricaechevarría (“Cell 211”).


Julián (Alberto San Juan), recently divorced, is experiencing financial problems, which leads him to share his car with other people to travel from Bilbao to Madrid, including Lorena (Blanca Suárez), with whom he has fallen in love.
During the trip during which he wants to declare his love for her, both share a car with two other passengers: Rodrigo (Ernesto Alterio) and Sergio (Rubén Cortada).


The road movie started and ended with the song “Mr. Bleu” by ELO.

The story pairs four very different characters in a car on a day’s drive.

passenger-quarter-examination-examinationThe first love interest, with Alberto San Juan repeating his statement to Blanca Suárez, coexists with the introduction of doubts about the identity and motivations of the new passengers, generating jealousy, insecurities, arguments and various nervousness.

It is essentially a romantic comedy with a new illusion of a couple to overcome an age crisis, stirred the feelings of the characters with chaotic situations, personality contrasts, persecutions, absurd blows.

The plot is not that it is very creative, nor that it provokes great laughs, but it is carried out with a good rhythm, there is enough tension and variations not to bore, agile dialogues and adequate interpretations, highlighting Alberto San Juan and Ernesto Alterio as his particular and ironic Pepito.Cricket.

Tokens in Aloha Picky

Alex de la Iglesia
Blanca Suarez
ernesto alterio


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