the first measures of the government’s plan to face the winter

The government presents with great fanfare, Thursday, October 6, its energy sobriety plan intended to prepare for a difficult winter, without Russian gas and with many nuclear reactors stopped. The objective is to reduce France’s energy consumption by 10% in two years, and in the meantime to ensure that the country goes through the winter without gas or electricity cuts.

Half a century after the first oil shock, the French, both households and businesses, will thus have to relearn how to reduce their electricity consumption during peak hours, in the morning and in the evening, and to burn less gas throughout the winter, to save the reserves which are full but will not suffice.

Dozens of measures for individuals, businesses and communities will be presented. First of all, the administration wants to be “exemplary”which will involve, for example, cutting off hot water in the sanitary facilities of the administrative office buildings, apart from the showers.

Encourage telework

The government also wants to encourage telework to limit travel and reduce heating in buildings, for example during a bridge. The Ministry of the Public Service will also announce a 15% increase in teleworking compensation for agents, which would go from €2.50 to €2.88 per day. The government wants companies to do the same.

If the recommended heating temperature in the private sector as in the public is 19 degrees, it could be lowered by one more degree in the event of an emergency, in administrative buildings. In the world of sport and local authorities, one degree less in swimming pools will be required, as well as a lower level of heating in equipment and moderation of lighting before and after matches.

“Every gesture counts”

On the private side, the government wants to encourage carpooling with the distribution of a €100 bonus offered to each new subscriber to a carpooling platform. A communication campaign will be launched to stress that “every gesture counts”.

In terms of lighting, a decree was published Thursday in Official newspaper to generalize the extinction of store lights and illuminated advertisements between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m.

To signify the urgency, no less than nine ministers will follow one another all afternoon, discussing with local elected officials, business representatives or even the High Council for the Climate, to present these “saving measures”. The event, at the Porte de Versailles Exhibition Center in Paris, will be closed by Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne.

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