The festivals of the summer of 2024 still in the blur

“Culture is always the adjustment variable”, regrets Stéphane Krasniewski, director of the “Les Suds” festival in Arles and vice-president of the Syndicat des musiques contemporaines (SMA), after the remarks of the Minister of the Interior referring on October 25 to the postponement or cancellation of major events events in the summer of 2024 due to the mobilization of public security forces (firefighters, police, gendarmerie, etc.) for the Olympic Games. Faced with the excitement aroused by this prospect, the Minister of Culture, Rima Abdul Malak received on November 2 the heads of festivals and trade unions in the sector.

“She showed a certain quality of listeningnoted Stéphane Krasniewski at the end of the meeting. She is voluntary and seems to grasp the problem, but not sure that this is enough in the face of the pragmatism of the Ministry of the Interior. » During the meeting, the Minister detailed a calendar in four phases of tension: the first from June 23 for the passage of the Olympic flame, the second – the most acute – from the opening of the Olympic village on July 18, the third in August with the commemorations of the Liberation of Paris, and the last in September for the Paralympic Games. “We see more clearly on the calendar but not on the territorializationcomments Stéphane Krasniewski. Will all regions be affected in the same way? »

Perilous solutions

A new appointment has been made with the Minister for December 10. In the meantime, instruct the unions and the organizers to collect information on the means necessary to hold the events. ” It’s the world upside downdeplores Olivier Darbois, president of Prodiss (National Union of Musical and Variety Shows. There would be no solution, it is up to us to provide them. »

However, there are not many leads: some events could be postponed, others reduced, or even canceled. With, in any case, consequences that could turn out to be disastrous. “The sector is still convalescing after the Covid crisisrecalls Olivier Darbois. The restart was done with great difficulty, with shortages, inflation, lack of personnel. New restrictions will put us at risk. »

Professionals denounce the authorities’ lack of anticipation. “We are taken by timeconfirms Stéphane Krasniewski. The biggest festivals are already working on their 2024 programming.” It was further to administrative procedures on the part of several event organizers over this period that the problem was brought to light. “Otherwise, when would we have known? », asks Olivier Darbois, who hides neither his bitterness nor his worries: “It had been said that the Olympic Games would not penalize other economic sectors and on the contrary that they would benefit everyone… Today, we cannot accept that the performing arts, which have already suffered a lot, should be sacrificed on the altar of the Olympics. »


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