The budget of the “Secu” in front of the deputies

After the State budget, the turn of that of Social Security. The discussion of the Social Security financing bill (PLFSS) begins in effect at first reading this Thursday morning, October 20 in the National Assembly.

But the planned week of debates should be largely insufficient to overcome the more than 3,000 amendments tabled on this text of 53 articles. In the absence of an absolute majority, article 49.3 of the Constitution is in great danger, as government spokesman Olivier Véran announced on Wednesday after the Council of Ministers, of also being activated. “if the situation requires it”even if the government and the majority wish to leave room for debate.

To soften the debate, the general rapporteur of the bill, Stéphanie Rist, organized several cross-party working groups. But these only led to the drafting of… three amendments. And again, these will not be presented unanimously, some deputies refusing to affix their signature to them next to that of deputies of the National Rally.

“Interesting” but difficult debates for the majority

“We were still able to work on a lot of things in a very short time and help to move the lines, welcomes MP Renaissance. We have been able to move forward, even with those who believe that voting for the budget means entering the majority. »

While it acknowledges that the debates of the Committee on Social Affairs were “interesting”they were also difficult for the majority, on a text that appears more like an addition of measures without any real general vision.

“It’s a transitional PLFSS”, recognizes Stéphanie Rist, while emphasizing “important markers”particularly in terms of prevention. “It’s a complicated subject, which is not yet anchored in our culture, but I believe that if, for example with consultations at the three key ages of life, we manage to reach the populations furthest from the health, we will have made progress”, she pleads.

The fourth year of general medicine internship contested

Government and majority will nevertheless have to fight on several points which crystallize the oppositions, inside and outside the Assembly. Thus on the fourth year of internship for young general practitioners, against which medical students demonstrated on Friday October 14.

“Young doctors want to be able to be where they treat in good conditions, emphasizes Stephanie Rist. However, supervision is part of it, and there is no question of putting them where they will not be supervised: like their colleagues in specialties who are in “supervised autonomy”, they will always be able to call on their internship supervisor in complicated situations. »

Herself a rheumatologist by training, she also says she is against the idea of ​​forcing general practitioners to settle in medical deserts. “Unlike specialists, there are not so many more generalists in over-dense areas: if you take doctors from these areas, you risk creating shortages everywhere”, she explains, recalling that general practitioners can find other outlets than a liberal installation.

Family branch, Agirc-Arrco

It will also be necessary to deal with the dissatisfaction of medical biology laboratories whose reimbursements will be cut by 200 million euros (even though their turnover has jumped by 85% since 2019 due to the Covid), or questions about the transfer to the family branch of 2 billion euros in allowances for the postnatal portion of maternity leave allowances.

Another sticking point: the transfer to Urssaf of the collection of Agirc-Arrco contributions, which succeeded in uniting employers and unions against it, which jointly manage this supplementary pension system for private sector employees. Everyone fears that, having control over its financing, the State will be tempted to use a kitty of 90 billion euros that the social partners manage to keep in balance.

During the debate in committee, an amendment deleting this provision was adopted, bringing together the voices of the left, the right and even some members of the majority. The deleted article should nevertheless be reinstated if the government decides to use 49.3.

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