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The Accused (1949): Film Reviews

Directed by: William Dieterle.
Starring: Loretta Young, Robert Cummings, Wendell Corey, Sam Jaffe.

With a screenplay by Ketti Frings (“Si No Amaneciera”).


Wilma Tuttle (Loretta Young) is a college psychology professor who kills one of her students, Bill Perry (Douglas Dick), when he tries to rape her near a Malibu cliff.
The death is ruled accidental, but police officer Ted Dorgan (Wendell Corey) believes the culprit is at the university.
The suspect is a student, Susan Duval (Suzanne Dalbert), Bill’s ex-girlfriend.
Will Wilma be able to conceal her crime?


Produced by Hal Wallis for Paramount based on a novel by June Truesdell.

It is a psychological plot with a flashback part and showing Loretta Young as the protagonist.

the-review-of-the-accused-loretta-youngThe actress brings a psychological charge to the central role, using voiceover and dramatic intensity in moments of trauma.

William Dieterle balances the suspense.

The story, an investigative reverse thriller, is spared Loretta’s romantic attachment to Robert Cummings.

The forced resolution action and open ending aren’t very compelling either.

Nonetheless, a black piece of merit.

Tokens in Aloha Picky

William Dieterle
Loretta Young


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