The 2022 tourist season in 5 key figures

After two summers under health restrictions, the 2022 tourist season was sunny in France. The data published by INSEE on Tuesday 11 October show that the pre-crisis level has been regained, or even exceeded.

► 79.7 million: the number of nights in commercial accommodation in July 2022

Commercial accommodation (hotels, campsites, rentals) has become the main mode of accommodation for tourists residing in metropolitan France. Until June, it was at the same level as non-market accommodation (second home, families, friends), even if the trend had already started in the summer of 2021 on the coast and in the mountains.

Thus, in July, the French spent 79.7 million nights in commercial accommodation and 62.5 million in non-commercial accommodation.

► 3%: the increase in visits to hotels and campsites compared to before the crisis

In hotels and campsites, attendance from June to August is 3% above its pre-crisis level. This is partly explained by the development of the resident clientele, but also thanks to the return of international tourists. However, overnight stays by international customers remain half those of residents.

► 5.5 million: the number of overnight stays by Dutch tourists in French hotels and campsites in August

The Dutch are the first foreign clientele in hotels and campsites, ahead of the Germans, Belgians, English and Americans. In August, they spent 5.5 million nights in commercial accommodation, compared to 5.1 in 2019.

More precisely, the Americans and the British are the first tourists in the hotels (their presence in 2022 has returned to the level of 2019) and the Dutch, German and Belgian customers are more present in the campsites.

The tourists who continue to be lacking are the Russians, the Japanese, and especially the Chinese. The hotel attendance of each of these clienteles barely reached 15 to 20% of its 2019 level. While they represented 7% of foreign hotel attendance in the summer of 2019, they will only weigh 1% in 2022.

► 7%: increase in spending by foreign tourists compared to 2019

Foreign visitors spent 7% more than in the summer of 2019. But this increase is due to the rise in prices, which concerns not only accommodation and catering but also daily expenses such as transport.

Adjusted for inflation, spending by foreign visitors is actually down in the summer of 2022 compared to before the crisis. This is partly explained by the drop in spending by tourists from China, explains INSEE.

► 60,000: the number of comments left on Airbnb accommodation in Paris in July

In June, for the first time since the start of the health crisis, Paris and the Île-de-France region regained the level of hotel occupancy of 2019. Rentals between individuals also increased: the number of comments left on the platform Airbnb regarding a rental in the capital far exceeds the level of 2019. In July, more than 60,000 comments were written.

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