Television At “Papotin”, no bullshit!

Why do “Les Rencontres du Papotin” affect us so much? The answer may lie in this viewer’s thank you for “those moments of kindness, tenderness and sincerity, which are so lacking in these times”. Or does it come from the mouth of this 11-year-old boy, stating after watching the last broadcast: “They all have something extra! » In the formatted universe of television, these spontaneous, point-blank or empathic interviews, interspersed with texts read or sung by the editorial staff of the newspaper the Papotindetonate and upset.

” Everything can happen “

The rules of the game are recalled at the start of the program: “You can say anything to Papotin, but, above all, anything can happen! » First guest, actor and director Gilles Lellouche spoke about his complex childhood, the death of his father or his relationship to loneliness. The actress Camille Cottin showed the color of her socks, and also answered questions: “What is it to waste your life? », “Did you have a good relationship with your dad?” », “How do you calm your anger?” ». At one point in the interview, the singer Julien Doré remembered having been this child perceived as ” weird “. And called, with approving looks, to “not being satisfied with the idea of ​​normality that we are forced to accept”considering that “our differences, our paths, our roughness are much more precious”.

“Your questions are arrows. They went through filters that are mine”, reacted the singer after the shooting. Emmanuel Macron will he also split the armor, this Saturday, January 7? The chain has already specified that the Head of State would mention “his personal life”, “his taste for poetry”, “his apprehensions” as president. “There was no special treatment, neither in preparation, nor during filming, nor in post-production”, assures the director, Henri Poulain. And to those who suspect a communication operation, The Papotin recalls that the newspaper has already interviewed, on its own initiative, Presidents Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy!

It is by attending the editorial conferences of the newspaper The Papotin to prepare their film Outstandingthat Éric Toledano and Olivier Nakache, touched by “the originality of the questions” and “the freshness of the eyes”came up with the idea of ​​coming up with a television format. “We wanted the viewer to experience the same emotions, this suspended moment where we become attached to their gaze and where we go through particular moments specific to ourselves, underlines Jérôme Lament, one of the co-producers with Clément Chovin and Tristan Carné. The “papotins” seek to confront their world with that of the guest. The personalities, who often live through others, are then confronted with a different gaze. It is this exchange that takes place. »

It took more than two years to conceive the show. After two disappointing first pilots, director Henri Poulain is called to the rescue. “We had to invent a format and a style that corresponded to the singularity of the Papotin, and make it possible to distinguish the small music of each one. Since the “papotins” have no filter, the staging also had to be transparent, and not worry about the presence of the technical team in the field. » The guest is placed on a chair at the same level as the “papotins”. And to maintain spontaneity, the questions are not repeated, although worked on beforehand.

” The papotinsfeel that their word is taken seriously”

“We shoot three hours to keep only thirty minutes of broadcast, in order to perceive the moments of abandonment”says Jérôme Lament. “The assembly then lasts five to six days, continues Henri Poulain. It is necessary to exercise a clever dosage so that the maximum of them appears. It remains an entertainment with criteria of change of rhythm, of tone. » Both salute the immediate enthusiasm of France Télévisions for this programme, and this “incredible gift” a broadcast window on Saturday evening, at 8:30 p.m.

“This program is a source of pride for the papotins”, because it changes the look of everyone around them, says Julien Bancilhon, psychologist at the Antony day hospital and editor-in-chief of Papotin since 2018. There are sometimes disappointments and frustrations to manage for those whose interventions are not retained in the editing, but they feel that their word is taken seriously. It makes their lives exist in a rewarding way, highlights their difference and gives importance to their work as journalists. » The editor-in-chief defends the name of “atypical journalists”because it is a question of defending “a journalistic project”.

The show also promotes their interests and their creativity. Most draw, sing, write. Like Claire, elegant and courteous, who “love to sing and write”. Conscientious, the young woman prepares her questions a lot, always with the fear that “the guest does not understand them”. Always sensitive, they touch, on the contrary, in the heart.


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