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Something Tiffany (2022): Movie Reviews

Directed by: Daryl Wein.
With: Zoey Deutsch, Kendrick Sampson, Ray Nicholson, Shay Mitchell.

With a screenplay by Tamara Chestna (“After: Here Everything Begins”).


Gary Wilson (Ray Nicholson), devoted to tattooing, buys earrings at Tiffany’s in New York to give them to his girlfriend, Rachel Meyer (Zoey Deutch), who owns a bakery and a restaurant.
At the same time, Ethan Greene, a writer, buys a precious engagement ring for his partner, Vanessa (Shay Mitchell) in the same jewelry store.
Gary is crushed leaving the store and Ethan comes to his rescue, mistakenly exchanging gifts.
Shortly after, Ethan, who befriended Rachel, grateful for helping his boyfriend, finds out about the exchange and asks Gary for the ring. The latter does not accept his return.


Romantic comedy based on a novel by Melissa Hill.

The plot starts from the confusion between two men exchanging their Tiffany jewelry bags: one with simple earrings, the other with a very expensive engagement ring.

This makes it a “big” conflict.

something-tiffanys-zoey-deutch-review-reviewEverything is retold in a plot set in a New York City adorned with Christmas lights.

You can see everything that will happen in the movie from the character introductions.

The protagonists end up finding each other by sharing their personal failures, they need to learn, listen to their hearts and take risks.

As for his light comedy background, the story is short on jokes.
The one who brings the most sparks and energy is Rachel (Zoey Deutch).

The tone is monotonous and most situations are terribly constrained in their turn, in their motives, to put up with the happy ending cliché.

Tokens in Aloha Picky

Zoey Deutsch

Source : BBN NEWS

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