single parents, the harder the crisis will be

Almost one in four families is a single parent. Whether they are single, divorced, widowed, single parents not only have to ensure the well-being of their children, but also fight inflation on their own. The “Special Envoy” team follows the daily lives of three of them. Christophe, Nathalie and Fanny, with unique but ultimately similar fights, since they suffer the same fate, rising prices and insufficient aid.

The only “solo dad” of the report is distraught in the face of the many journeys to which he must comply. By traveling nearly 80 km a day between the roads to school and his place of work, Christophe no longer finds himself there financially when the fuel is around €2 per litre. The camera most often follows him in his car, as if to underline the weight of his automotive tasks. An interesting story, since it highlights the mental burden of a father, when in our society it is still very often women who carry this heavy burden.

When the lack of help requires resourcefulness

As for the daily life of the two mothers, it is more focused on the concessions they have to make when they grab their shopping cart or when the cold sets in in their poorly insulated home.

Both are portrayed as strong and resourceful in the face of complicated situations. Nathalie builds her house with her two hands, not having the financial means to solicit a company. Fanny, for her part, warms herself with wood that she has cut herself. The rise in the price of electricity does not allow her to guarantee that her children will sleep warm.

“Special Envoy” thus exposes the insufficient support for these “solo parents”, whether financial or moral. Unfortunately, no solution is offered, except for patience… The report highlights the devotion of single parents who, despite everything, find refuge in the love they have for their children.


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