Ryan Gosling says he got in ‘trouble’ for filming a sex scene that ‘felt real’ with Michelle Williams

Ryan Gosling reveals exactly why he got into ‘trouble’ after a sex scene with co-star Michelle Williams.

The 42-year-old Canadian actor has a well-known repertoire of films in which he plays the sought-after male lead; of The Earth at Notebook — and it’s clear that Gosling has never been one to shy away from the hottest scenes.

In 2010, the star got “in trouble” for a certain sex scene that seemed a little too “real.”

Gosling sparked controversy after starring in the hit indie film blue valentine alongside Williams, 42.

The plot of blue valentine follows couple Cindy and Dean’s love life through the pipeline of their dysfunctional marriage, while raising their daughter amid an attempt to rekindle their relationship.

Speaking to The Guardian, Gosling hailed the film as an “anti-romance” and revealed that authenticity and making the plot “real” was something that excited him.

He said: “Director Derek Cianfrance wanted this film to celebrate people’s flaws, demystify romance and do something that felt real. I was excited by that. »

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The infamous scene indeed “felt real” – real enough that the film ended up in a classification battle in America.

The scene in question involved Gosling, playing the character of Dean, performing oral sex on Williams, who played Cindy.

Noting the authenticity of the sex scene, Gosling explained, “The sex felt real — it wasn’t sexy or ‘a sex scene,’ and that’s why we got in trouble.” »

The actor pointed out that the reason the sex scene looked so “real” was because he did such a “good job” playing it.

He revealed: “You shouldn’t be penalized for doing a good job. »

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The contentious classification ratings battle has finally come to an end, with blue valentine being downgraded to an R rating which informs the public that “under 17s require an accompanying parent or adult guardian”.

The rating also warns that the film “contains adult material” with “parents urged to learn more about the film before taking their young children with them”.

However, even with all the scandal surrounding the all-too-real oral sex scene, it’s clear that it didn’t stop. blue valentine to be nominated for a host of accolades celebrating the film’s box office success.

Gosling and Williams were also nominated for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama Golden Globes for their roles as Dean and Cindy.

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