Royal families: facts about Princess Eugenie that most people don’t know

Princess Eugenie attended the posh £23,000 ($25,900) a year boarding school at Marlborough College. She excelled in her schoolwork, achieving impressive A-Level results in 2008. Although the royals aren’t exactly known for her academic prowess, Eugenie proved to be the exception, with her grades far exceeding those of any of his royal relatives, according to the Independent. Her parents were so pleased with her performance that they released a statement, saying, “She worked extremely hard to achieve these fantastic results for good reason. »

But before heading off to college, the bright teenager decided to pull out a “Booksmart” and live the high life. As a result, Eugenie had a gap year during which she traveled to America, India, South Africa and Thailand, by Express. As noted by the Daily Mail, his travels proved highly controversial, as British taxpayers funded his security, which amounted to £250,000 (about $282,000). Moreover, it was during this period that Eugenie developed a reputation as a party girl. According to the Daily Mail, her overseas activities allegedly included “topless bathing, incessant drinking, visits to nightclubs and inappropriate behavior” (she had previously been caught frolicking naked after graduation from high school).

Following her trip around the world, Eugenie attended Newcastle University, where she studied English Literature and Art History. A professor at the institution, Dr Martin Farr, later claimed that the Princess was only accepted to the college because of her privileged status, although the Vice-Chancellor refuted these claims. After graduating in 2012, Eugenie expressed her excitement about starting her first job, per People.

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