Retirement, winter break, repairability index… What will change on November 1

► The allowance for single parents on the rise

The ceiling for the family support allowance, paid to single parents who do not receive child support or low child support, has been raised to €184.41 per month and per child. An increase of 50% compared to the current ceiling set at €121.93.

The family support allowance, paid by the Family Allowance Fund (CAF), compensates for the difference between the pension received by a single parent and the ceiling of €181.41.

► Increase in pensions

Pensions paid by the Agirc-Arrco supplementary schemes are increased by 5.12% from November 1. 13 million private pensioners will be able to benefit from this increase, justified by the increase in the average salary, up 4.8% in 2022. A 4% increase in the basic pension had already been recorded this summer.

► The start of the winter break

November 1 marks the start of the winter break, which provides protection for the most precarious. Landlords will no longer be able to take their accommodation away from a tenant and energy suppliers will no longer be allowed to cut off access to electricity and gas. A reduction in power can however be decided for electricity, except in households benefiting from the energy check.

► Winter tires in 34 departments

Many motorists will have to equip their vehicles with snow tires from Tuesday, November 1, ” four Seasons “or keep chains or snow socks in their trunk.

The obligation is imposed from November 1 to March 31 in more than 4,000 municipalities spread over 34 departments which include mountainous territories, in the Pyrenees, the Massif Central, the Alps, the Jura Massif and the Vosges Massif.

► The extended fuel discount

The fuel discount of 30 cents per liter which was to end on October 31 was finally extended for two weeks. It therefore continues at the current level until 15 November. From this date, it will only be 10 euro cents per liter until 31 December.

Likewise, the 20-cent discount granted by TotalEnergies at service stations in its network has also been extended until 15 November. Then, it will be lowered to 10 cents per liter, until the end of 2023.

► Rise in the prices of certain cigarettes

Some cigarette manufacturers have announced that they will increase their prices on November 1. This concerns in particular the Winston Xsphere and Elixyr Fresh brands.

► The repairability index extends

The repairability index makes it possible to know whether a household appliance is repairable or not. As of November 4, it extends to top-loading washing machines, dishwashers, pressure washers and vacuum cleaners.

► Pay attention to tax deadlines

Some samples must take place in November. The residence tax must be paid by November 15 at the latest, or by the 20th if payment is made online.

A new income tax deduction can also be made for people liable for an income tax balance of more than €300 for the year 2021. It will take place at the end of November.

► End of the back-to-school bonus

The distribution of the exceptional back-to-school bonus of €100, plus €50 per child, will end. The last transfers, intended for the beneficiaries of the activity bonus, will be made on November 15.

In all, 10.8 million precarious households were able to benefit from this government aid. It had been voted as part of the texts on purchasing power this summer.

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