Rafael Nadal: ‘I don’t deserve the win’

We had the impression to see you in big physical difficulty at the end of the match. Can you tell us a bit more?
No, it’s ok. All credit goes to Tommy (Paul). Things happen that way sometimes. But it is okay. He played aggressive, with a lot of good shots. I had the match in the second set, with a set and a break. I have a terrible game. It’s like that. I do not deserve the victory having played so badly at this key moment. So far it was not bad, rather a good game for me. It was my first game in a while. On this surface, you can’t make a mistake with your serve. We are always ready to find excuses, but it’s always the same thing in the end: you play well, you win, you don’t play well, you lose. Today, if you put it all together, I played pretty well, but I didn’t do the right things at the right times. That’s all. And he played with the right intensity, the right concentration. Me, I was not able to maintain that.

Will you be in Turin, at the Masters?
I hope (smiles). Right away, if someone asks me the question, I think I’ll go, I have no other plan in mind than to go to Turin. If nothing happens to me until the following Sunday (November 13), I see no reason not to go to Turin. My intention is to go there, period. I’m excited to play, although the last few months haven’t been perfect for me, of course. I have nothing to lose. After a good year, going out there, trying to give your best. I need days on the Tour. Over the past five months, I haven’t spent enough days on the Tour. I’m not even talking about competition on the court, I’m talking about training with the guys. That’s what I need. If I feel good, arrive a little earlier than usual and have a little more practice. Give me a chance to enjoy one more Masters. You never know when the last one will be, especially at my age. I will make sure to enjoy it and next season I will fight to get back here.

“I need to play sets against the best and feel competitive again against anyone.

What do you finally remember from this defeat against Tommy Paul?
In this match, there were positive things and negative things. I can’t predict much today. I just think about being better. I need to improve a lot of things, I need to play sets against the best and feel competitive again against anyone.


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