Quasi Who revitalizes soft rock in a cosmic trip

At the same time retro and futuristic atmosphere for “Downloading a New Operating System”, first album of a fraternal tandem which will illuminate your autumn.

New find from the Microqlima label, Quasi Qui is doing everything to get noticed at the end of the year. But Quasi Qui, quesaco? Formed by English brothers and sisters of Bosnian origin Yehan and Zadi Jehan, the duo offers a cosmic trip that combines strong French Touch influences in the Ed Banger version (we sometimes think of Mr. Flash or Justice for certain arrangements, as on the inaugural slap City Mashups) to a very Californian pop vibe: harmonies à la Beach Boys on mutantssoft rock melodies bathed in the setting sun of the West Coast that would have their place on a compilation California Groove

We sip a cocktail while watching the stars go by and we want more. It’s all the more impressive when you know that Yehan Jehan wrote and produced everything himself. Downloading a New Operating System thus navigates between pop compositions that could come out of Todd Rundgren’s hat (the single Directorial Debut) or vintage synths from Tame Impala (the hypnotic Runway Lights). The journey ends with a Final Descent ecstatic where these various influences mingle in a powerful maelstrom whose only exit seems to be the repeat button.

Downloading a New Operating System (Microqlima/Believe). Released November 4.

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