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Prince Harry revelations embarrass military

Spare (“ The Alternate “) was not yet in bookstores that the British media were already happy to publish the most explosive passages, against the royal family but also on Prince Harry’s two missions in Afghanistan in within the British Army.

“It is not a figure that made me ashamed either”

In his autobiography, Harry confides that he did not consider, in the heat of the moment, the 25 Taliban killed as ” people “ but rather like “chess pieces” removed from the game. In accordance with the precepts of his military training that it is impossible to kill a target “if we consider it as a person”. The prince does not express remorse about this: “It’s not a number that gave me satisfaction, but it’s not a number that made me ashamed either”, he wrote. For the former soldier, these Taliban were simply “bad people eliminated”.

The controversial statements of the youngest of King Charles III caused a reaction in Afghanistan. “Mr. Harry, those you killed were not chess pieces, they were human beings!” » who had families, political leader Anas Haqqani reacted strongly, accusing Prince Harry of “war crimes”.

The army on the back

The British army, which requires the discretion of its soldiers on these operations, does not like these confidences either. “You must not speak to the press, sell articles or photos without the authorization of your commander”, is it notified on the site of the British army. Harry has “turned his back on his other family, the army, which once welcomed him into its midst”reacted Tim Collins, veteran of the British army considered a hero of the war in Iraq. “Harry is no longer in the army, but these matters are still sensitive, and he who seeks security and discretion, he has just exposed himself to all kinds of reprisals from jihadists and crackpots”pointed out for his part the major Chip Chapman, at the microphone of Times Radio.

After deciding to step back from the royal family in 2020, Harry and his wife Meghan, who now live in California, lost their police protection. Since then, the prince has lobbied the British government for his family to benefit again when they travel to the UK, believing that he is a potential target for terrorists.

“That’s not how you behave in the army”

The enfant terrible of the royal family served ten years in the British army, ending his career as a captain. He was sent to Afghanistan twice: in 2007 and 2008, when he was responsible for coordinating air attacks, then in 2012 and 2013, as a combat helicopter pilot.

Cameras mounted at the front of the helicopter allowed him to establish this count of the dead. “That’s not how you behave in the army; it’s not our way of thinkingadded Tim Collins. We do not notch the butt of the rifle. We never did. » In his book, the Duke of Sussex justifies himself by explaining that he fought those who, involved in the attacks of September 11, 2001 in the United States, committed, according to him, a crime against humanity.

Source : BBN NEWS

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